10 Easy DIY Projects to Try Today!


I don’t know about you, but in my experience, creative juices tend to ebb and flow. One week I’m filled with ideas and can’t stop with all the new projects I’m thinking up, and the next I’m shuffling my feet and struggling for something to do. If you’re anything like me, this article is for you! I’m going to give you 10 ideas to try for something crafty and fun, and easy! Here we go!

Oil paints and brushes to paint laid on the table in the composition Paints and brushes

1. Paint Something!

Have an old table, desk, or dresser? Give it new life by painting it a fun new color! Baby blue, white, and gold are fantastic colors to try.

Rustic sewing background: scissors thread fabric and lace on an old wooden board hand-made and crafts close up


2. Make a Pillow Case!

Some of my favorite types of projects are those that can give some variety and new life to a room or item. One such project you can try is making yourself a pillow case! Make as many as you wish, and switch them out whenever you want something new. Click here for a fantastic tutorial on how to make a removable pillow case!

"Arts & Crafts" written in beads on a wooden background


3. Re-Vamp Your Staircase!

If you want to give your stairs some personality, try placing wallpaper scraps on them (the part that faces you, not the part you step on)! Alternatively, create stripes on your stairs with patterned duct tape.


4. Create Your Own Stationary!

Buy yourself some plain envelopes, and go to town with some fun stamps and stickers. Make something really unique to send to your friends and family!


5. Make Some Candles!

Find yourself a candle-making kit and whip yourself up some aromatic mood lighting! These also make great gifts for loved ones.


6. Put Together a Dollhouse

If you have little ones in your household, why not make a dollhouse for them? Take a small bookcase and section off parts of the shelves with cardboard for the dollhouse rooms. Lay down pieces of fabric or a small carpet to act as the doll’s floor. Tape up some wallpaper for the walls, and then fill the rooms with doll furniture!


7. Make a Bookmark!

Print some fun images and cut them out to act as bookmarks, add some ribbon, glitter, or stickers! Read this article I posted a few months ago on DIY Alice in Wonderland bookmarks for some ideas!



8. Jazz Up Your Doors!

Paint the little squares in your doors another color, to add some visual interest!

Tea Jar 6

9. Mason Jar Teabag Holders!

Store your teabags in some mason jars you’ve decorated and store on your kitchen counter! This is a fun alternative to boring teabag boxes. Read this article on how I made mine.

Silverware or flatware set of fork, spoon and knife on wooden table


10. Decorate Your Dishes!

If you have some plain dishes (plates, cups, bowls, etc.) try painting some cute designs on the bottom! This works best with clear or see-through dishes.

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