5 Easy and Fun Crafts to Share With Your Kids


Color Painted Child HandWhen you have kids or work with kids regularly, you want to make sure that their minds are always expanding. You also recognize that it’s important for them to be able to express themselves and their creativity. In this article, we will go over some kid-friendly crafts that will help them be able to do just that! And as a bonus, you get to treasure the memories you and your little ones will be making together. Let’s go over 5 crafts you can share with your kids today!


Rolls Of Colorful Wrapping Paper Isolated On White1. Wrapping Paper Wreath

When you share a home with children, no doubt you have tons of leftover wrapping paper around the house from previous birthdays or holiday celebrations. Instead of hoarding all that extra paper, why not gather the kiddos and engage in some arts and crafts? Try cutting the paper into flowers, and then glue them onto a round fixture to create a wreath! Make a beautiful arrangement for any time of year and hang your wreath on your door proudly for all to see. Not only do you have some awesome DIY decoration, you can watch your little one beam with pride!


button-card. Fun With Buttons

If you’re a lover of sewing like I am, you probably have tons of buttons laying around your crafty work space. If you want to have some fun with your kiddos, while simultaneously cutting back on clutter, whip those buttons out!

If it’s around Valentine’s Day, or you have a need to have some stationary on hand such as a Thank You card, grab some cardboard and some buttons. Draw stems on one side, or glue down some pipe cleaner or twine, and then attach buttons to serve as “flowers.” Use the other side to write your message on, and you have some fantastic DIY and kid-friendly cards to give out! It should be noted that you probably do not want to mail these. Rather, have your little helper hand-deliver their handiwork!


Colorful Buttons Heart On Old Wooden BackgroundIf your child is wanting to make some new fridge art for you, a good project is to paint a tree on some paper and then glue on some buttons to the branches. These buttons can serve as flowers in the tree, yummy fruit, or you can use enough buttons to be the branches themselves. Wonderful decoration for the fridge, and great fun for the little ones!


burlap3. Fabric Covered Vases

A simple project you can do with kids of a very young age is cover a vase in fabric. Whether that’s by using scrap fabric from your collection, or a purchasable quarter of fabric from a vendor like Jo-Ann, it can take mere moments and give your kiddo a feeling of DIY fulfillment. Just section out enough fabric to cover the vaseĀ of your choice, and either glue it put or keep it in place by tying some pretty ribbon around the top of it. For even more enjoyment, have your child choose the fabric you use and from time to time, change your decor to another fabric design to match the mood or time of year.

Feeling like playing with the burlap and lace theme? Tie some burlap fabric with lace around the vase you select with your kiddies. Place some fresh flowers or ribbon roses that are homemade in your burlap and lace vases and enjoy the decoration!


Three Farfale Pasta Pieces On Blue Background4. Bow-Tie Pasta Hair Barrettes

If you have a little girl you would like to have some crafty fun with, grab a couple of bow-tie pasta pieces. This should go without saying, but make sure the pasta is uncooked! Paint the pieces with some acrylic paint (being careful to monitor your munchkin with the painting process), and then let them dry thoroughly. Take some plain barrettes (you can find some in most craft stores if you don’t have some extra ones lying around your home) and get some glue ready.


Different hair clips on wooden backgroundAttach the bow-tie pasta to the barrette with your glue (a hot glue gun should be sufficient), and allow the adhesive to dry completely. Then let your little one sport her DIY hair bling!


ornament5. DIY Holiday Ornaments

If times are quickly approaching the holidays, you can cook up some artistic fun with your children by making your own ornaments! Like the picture shown above, you can cut shapes out of felt, put some sort of stuffing inside the pieces, and then close them up together. Make sure to leave space to include a loop before you seal them up. That way your ornament can hang on a tree, or wherever you’d like it to go.


Two Students In Art Class PaintingIf this project seems too difficult for a young one, there are actually many ways to ensure that the kiddies are included without handling sharp objects. Have them choose the shape of the ornament and the color. Any decoration you play with can have their stamp of approval as well. Be creative! Grab some glitter, grab some ribbon, have tons of fun! If felt isn’t your thing, you can use plain paper and make ornaments of differing shapes, the choice is yours. You can even use fabric and sew different shapes and sizes, enjoy a creative license and save money on holiday decorations!


kids group learning arts and crafts in day care centreWhen you have little ones, you can really help their development and love for arts and crafts by taking some time to do fun DIY projects with them. Not only do they benefit, but you get to make memories with them that they will treasure and look back on for years to come. So grab your young ones and get down with some crafts you can share with your kids!

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