A Few Words On Finding Kandi Supplies


In this article, I’m going to give you some tips for finding Kandi supplies. If you’re looking to get into making Kandi to sell, you’re in good shape, but if you’re looking into making Kandi as a hobby, it can be an expensive hobby.

In a pinch, I’ll stop by Walmart for beads. The best quality beads from their stores that I’ve found are The Beadery Bead Extravaganza Bead Box kits, which have 2300 beads. I’ve always paid around $13.00 for each box.


Along with black beads from another beadery box kit, Crayon Colors, I used the colors found in the Bright box shown above to complete my Maleficent purse.

To get these boxes, I would recommend looking on amazon for good deals (I’ve noticed they have limited variety but what they do have can be pretty cheap) if you’re able to wait for your beads to come in the mail. If you want to be able to go to a store and buy them, Walmart is probably your best bet when it comes to not spending too much.

Alternately, you can buy beads by the bag. This is good if you are working on a project that you’ll need a lot of each color bead. You can also find a few colors that have been mixed into one bag, like a 2 or 3 dollar bag of 500 neon or glow in the dark beads. I’ve really enjoyed the selection at Michaels.

I also want to recommend a web site called www.kandiaddiction.com. This is a web site completely dedicated to Kandi supplies, and from what I’ve seen, everything is reasonably priced. They have a great variety, too. They sell frosted, glow in the dark, matte, neon, opaque, pearl, glitter, and transparent pony beads.

Now, depending on what you like to make, the string you use may vary. Personally, I enjoy making bags. You can use bead n’ stretch for bags if you choose to, and bead n’ stretch is definitely recommended for cuffs and bracelets, but for making a bag I recommend using fishing line. Here’s what I use:

Fishing Line

I buy this from Walmart. It’s really cheap. I got 250 yards worth of line for under 3 dollars. I would recommend using 25-pound test line, as the heavier line I’ve worked with have made the project much more difficult, but if you find you want to play around with different lines, feel free.

Bead n’ stretch, which can also be found at Walmart and craft stores, is also pretty cheap.

If you plan to make something that will use up a lot of beads, I don’t really recommend buying a bead box kit. I think your best choice would be to stock up on bags of individual colors and work with them. You will probably spend less money that way. But I find the bead box kits are perfect for cuffs and bracelets, and other projects that won’t use up many beads.

I hope this article has been a help, and happy beading!

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