Alternative Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin for Fall


We are full steam into Autumn, and my favorite month of the year – October! And this is the month when Fall and Halloween decorations come into full swing. While some individuals are interested in carving a pumpkin into a jack o’lantern, others are looking for something a little bit different when it comes to ways to decorate a pumpkin. So in this article, we are going to share alternative ways that you can spruce your pumpkin up for the season!

ways to decorate a pumpkin for Fall


One way that you can decorate a pumpkin for Fall? Instead of carving a little face, carve a constellation or two. This can be done using any type of pumpkin and it looks absolutely wonderful once completed. If you’re feeling like diving into a bit of a challenge, try to copy a whole night’s sky and let your pumpkin bring your constellations to life once lit up.

ways to decorate a pumpkin

Crayon Decor

This idea is perfect for those beautiful white pumpkins, so get yours out. You will also need a few crayons. The idea is to place a few crayons (without paper attached, of course) at the top of your pumpkin and then melt them using a blow dryer. The crayons will streak down the pumpkin as they melt, leaving a beautifully decorated colorful Autumn piece. Select any combination of crayons that you like, such as rainbow colors, or even Fall colors like red, orange, gold, and purple.

ways to decorate a pumpkin for Fall


Another alternative when it comes to ways to decorate a pumpkin for Fall is to pull out some old-fashioned paint. Paint on spiderwebs, faces, even words or letters.

If you have spray paint, this is a tool that can also be used to decorate some pumpkins. We highly recommend a gold paint that has some glitter in it to give your pumpkins a gorgeous Autumn look.

If you are interested in carving a jack o’lantern, check out how my family carved a pumpkin last year.

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