Autumn Decorations – Getting Ready for the Best Season!


If I haven’t said so before, I absolutely adore Autumn! I like Spring, and I’m not so keen on Summer or Winter, but Autumn is (in Nacho Libre’s voice) the BAYST! So I recently took it upon myself to put up some Autumn decorations around my house, particularly the living room. I also got out pretty cheap. In this post, I wanted to show you what I did, whether it inspires you in your own decorating or you would simply like to celebrate the season with me!

Autumn decorations for the living room.

All set for Autumn!


This is my living room/dining area. My boyfriend brought this table with him when we moved in together, and I have to say I think it is colored perfectly for the fall season.

As I mentioned previously, I got by pretty cheaply. Everything was inexpensive because I did my shopping at the Dollar Tree. I grabbed a few fake flowers and mixed and matched them based on color. I also took home pumpkin-shaped place mats, window “clings”, some candles, and a few little pumpkin figurines.

It’s unrelated, but I got my pictures hung up finally! Eighteen months after moving in and I’m just now getting my home cozy, but I love how it’s turning out in this corner of the house.

Autumn decorations for the table.

The lovely colors of Autumn! And the best part is, these will last forever. 😀


A word on the flowers I chose. Autumn is a time for warm colors like red, orange, and yellow. So naturally, I gathered a few fake flowers that contained these colors. But I threw in a few splashes of purple because there’s nothing better than a splash of color contrast.

For a breakdown of Autumn colors, click here.

I grabbed some fake flowers from the store because at 9 months pregnant, I’m a little too exhausted to make my own but that is totally a goal in the near future. You can totally make flowers out of ribbon or even paper, and we’ll show you how to do this soon, so stay tuned! 😀

Autumn decorations for the window.

Even my window is feeling festive!

After setting up the table the way I wanted it, I moved on to the window clings. Now, I have mixed feelings about these window clings. They are certainly cute, but if I could do it over again, I wouldn’t buy these from the Dollar Tree. They fell off pretty fast. But before that, I got a nice picture! What I will probably do is apply them again but tape them.

The last thing I did was set up some candles. DELICIOUS smelling candles. Both cost one dollar each, and while they are inexpensive, they smell amazing. I grabbed “Pumpkin French Toast” and “Pumpkin Cheesecake.” The cheesecake is my favorite. 😀

Autumn decoration candles.I plan on doing some more decorating as the season continues, such as a DIY wreath. In the meantime, if you have worked on any Autumn decorations please share what you’ve done in the comments below!

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