Bead Buds Tutorial – Double Scoop Ice Cream Cone!


The last bead bud tutorial we learned was how to make a lizard. This time, we’re going to make a double scoop ice cream cone together!

Beaded Ice Cream 1

Things you’ll need:

1. 15 Flesh-colored pony beads (to make the cone)

2. 32 Pony beads in any color that you want your ice cream to be. I chose brown to make chocolate ice cream.

3. 1 Red bead to serve as the maraschino cherry.

4. Scissors

5. Key ring (Optional)

Beaded Ice Cream 2

Step One: Cut a long piece of lanyard string. I don’t usually measure how much I cut, but for this project, you don’t need very much. I’d venture to say about 20 inches will be more than enough. But make sure you err on the side of caution, and cut more than you think you’ll need.

To add each row of beads, you’re going to string them like you see above. Add whatever number of beads your row calls for (to start, we string on one bead) and then with the opposite end of the string, slip it in the bead going in the other direction.

Beaded Ice Cream 3

Step Two: Hold the two ends of the string, and match them up with each other. Pull the bead down, until it rests in the middle of the string. It should look like the image above. Now that you have the first bead down, when you string on the rest of the rows, all you have to do is pull the string to get the beads to go where you need them to go.

Beaded Ice Cream 4

Step Three: To make the ice cream cone, you will string on 4 more rows. As you can see, after the first bead, you will string on two beads. Then three. Then four. The last row of beads calls for 5 beads. And then the cone is finished! It’s time to add the ice cream.

Beaded Ice Cream 5

Step Four: As you can see from the above image, the next two rows are rows of 6 beads each. Your third row of ice cream will be 4 beads. If you’re still unsure of how to string each row of beads on, you will take your beads and put them on one side of the string. Take the other side, and slip it through the beads going the opposite direction. Then pull the string, making the beads slide down to rest on the previous row of beads. Easy!

Now, if you would like your ice cream cone to have only one scoop, here you will add your red bead and then tie 3 or 4 knots. You’d now be finished! However, I am going to keep adding to this, and make a double scoop of ice cream! To do this, repeat the two rows of 6 beads, and one row of 4 beads.

Beaded Ice Cream cone

This is what a double scoop looks like!

ice cream cone

Looks yummy!


Step Five: String on your cherry. Get it to sit somewhat in the middle of the previous row of beads, and then tie 3 or 4 knots. You can now snip the excess lanyard string, or tie it onto a key chain or zipper!

And that’s all there is to it! Enjoy your new double scoop bead bud!

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