Beaded Stretch Bracelet Tutorial (Very Easy!)


Beaded Bracelet Beginning Image

Hello! In this article, I wanted to show you how to make a very easy, but very adorable beaded stretch bracelet. The time it takes to make one is fifteen minutes, tops, and they’re completely addictive. Pretty soon your jewelry drawer will be filled to the brim with some cute home-made wrist candy! Let’s get started!

Beaded Bracelet Things Needed

Things you’ll need:

1. Stretchy Cord (I used clear Bead N’ Stretch. You can find a roll of 75 feet at Walmart for less than three dollars)
2. Beads
3. Scissors
4. Clear nail polish (Optional)

Step One: Take the end of your stretchy cord and wrap it around your wrist. Decide how much cord you’ll need to make a bracelet that will fit your wrist, and add at least an extra two inches. The more extra cord you give yourself, the easier it will be to tie your bracelet together. Snip off your desired length.

Beaded Bracelet Step One 1


An alternate way to do this would be to measure your wrist with a tape measure, then cut that exact amount plus two inches of cord to be 100{acf852886d839e022dc9ad1f3bc7487ca04693687e7ac2dffa622691f1e38bb7} sure that the bracelet will fit.

Beaded Bracelet Step One 2 Beaded Bracelet Step One 3

Step Two: Begin stringing on your beads. How many beads you need will depend on the size and shape of the beads you chose. String on enough so that you have a tail of one inch on each end of the cord.

Beaded Bracelet Step Two

Tie the two ends into a knot. As a rule, I tie three knots to make sure that the bracelet coming apart will be unlikely.

Optional Step: If you want to add to the knots’ security, dab on a little bit of clear nail polish on them and wait for it to dry.

Step Three: Take the end of one of your tails of cord, and string it through a bead next to the knot you tied. When the tail exits the other side of the bead, tug it until the knot is pulled inside the bead. That way, your bracelet looks neater once it’s finished.

Beaded Bracelet Step Three 1

If your knot is too big to fit inside the bead, that’s completely fine. Using clear cord, it will be hard to spot your knot anyway. Snip the extra tails of cord, and you’re done! Enjoy your new beaded stretch bracelet!

Beaded Bracelet End Result

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