The Best Winter Crafts to Try


It’s getting cooler, and we’re creeping up on winter. Snow, steaming cups of hot chocolate, big fluffy blankets, and warm fires are in order! But this is also a fantastic time to get crafty. Needing some inspiration? Check out this list of winter crafts to try.


1. Indoor Snowman

Want a winter mascot that won’t melt? Make an indoor snowman! Grab three boxes of different sizes (one large, one medium, and one small.), paint them white or cover them with white wrapping paper, and decorate to look like a snowman. Top with a winter hat and a scarf to really make your snowman pop.

Snowflakes cut from paper. A traditional Christmas arts and crafts project.

2. Pine Cone Centerpiece

For a special winter-y centerpiece for your table, take some pine cones and place them in a frosted bowl. Sprinkle white glitter over the cones, and lay down a poinsettia or two (tip: they don’t have to be real flowers!).


3. Snowflake Mason Jars

Decorate a mason jar with snowflake stickers, or better yet, draw them on with white marker. Glue on some white glitter if you feel like adding some sparkle. Wrap a white ribbon around the top of the jar, and use it to hold hot cocoa mix!


4. Winter Sign

Take a small wooden board that has a hole somewhere (you can find them at any craft store), and paint on some lettering, or if you like, add letter stickers. Spell out a cute little phrase, like “Let it Snow.” Slip a ribbon through the hole, and hang up on the outside of your door. For some added adorableness, add white glitter, and glue on some puffy white craft balls.


5. Turn Your Door Into a Snowman

Give your entrance some frosty personality by turning it into a snowman! Add two large black dots from construction paper at the top of the door to serve as eyes. An orange triangle with the point facing either side is the nose. Add smaller black dots going down the door to be the buttons. A red strip across the door serves as the scarf. If you’re feeling really creative, add a paper hat above the door frame!

Winter crafts are wonderfully fun, so get out there and make something awesome! Click here for more DIY ideas.

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