Buying a Halloween Costume Versus a DIY Costume


It’s nearly time for one of the most fun holidays of the year – Halloween! And Halloween is synonymous with candy, spookiness, fun parties, and of course, Halloween costumes. While many people will be choosing to buy a Halloween costume, there are ways to put together a DIY costume without breaking out the sewing machine or starting completely from scratch. So if you have not already chosen your Halloween costume or your children’s costumes, keep on reading.

DIY costumes for Halloween

One of my least favorite things about store-bought Halloween costumes is that they are often cheaply made. And if they are not, you can expect to pay an arm and a leg for them. Granted, a costume is something you wear perhaps twice out of the year, maximum. But I still prefer to wear costumes that look great and have a small DIY-edge to them.

One thing that is great about a DIY costume is that it can be really simple to throw together. You don’t have to make a cool outfit from scratch. Look inside your own closet. Say you want to dress up as a “sexy” or fun policewoman for Halloween. Do you own a black button-up top and a black skirt? Do you have shoes or boots that would complete the outfit? If you do, then you have the foundation for your look. All you would need to do at that point is create your own handcuffs and badge, and that can be done very easily. For handcuffs, use bracelets that you already own, attach them to each other using jewelry connectors, and let them hang from your skirt or belt. For a badge, you could cut the basic shape out of felt paper, construction paper, or even fashion one out of a brooch and paint.

Another great DIY costume idea? Zombies! If you have any clothing laying around that is ripped up, or old enough that you don’t mind ripping them up, grab them. Use paint or makeup to smear “blood” or “dirt” around these holes and tears, and make sure that you do your own makeup to match the sunken in and pale look of one of these creatures.

DIY costumes for Halloween - little girl in witch costume

So if you are still on the lookout for a great Halloween costume, why not put your own DIY spin on your look rather than go straight to the store? While you certainly can sew or make a costume from scratch (my favorite ideas for these are Disney or other costume characters, belly dancers, mermaids, etc.), you can simply use your imagination and what you already have on hand to create a gorgeous costume that looks quality without requiring a lot of money be spent.

Happy Halloween!

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