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Hello everyone! This article is the first in a series that will focus on celebrating what matters most – namely love and family! To get the ball rolling we will share ideas with those of you who have a bundle of joy in the works, but no news yet on whether to decorate the nursery in pink or blue.


If you’ve decided to find out the sex of your baby before the birth, why not get the news at your own gender reveal party? Not only can you discover if your little one is a son or a daughter in an exciting and fun way, you can share this special moment with your closest friends and family! And a gender reveal party is also the perfect opportunity for a crafty mom-to-be to dive into some celebratory DIY projects. Ready for some gender reveal ideas and tips for your baby bash? Read on!






When it comes to choosing a theme for your gender reveal party, the sky (and your imagination) is the limit. You can go simple, and utilize a “pink or blue” theme, or get more in depth, such as a “bowtie or hairbow?” approach. Some other festive theme ideas:

1. Staches or Lashes?

2. Wheels or Heels?

3. Pirate or Mermaid?

4. Buck or Doe?

5. Ties or Tutus?

6. Mister or Miss?

7. Handsome or Gorgeous?

8. Boots or Ballet?






Once you’ve settled on a theme, it’s time to get the guest list in order. Whether you decide on a largely-attended bash or a more intimate affair, you’ll need to get the word out with some invitations. Here’s where you can let your love of arts and crafts take charge. It can be as easy as designing your own template and then printing your invites out, or you can sit down (if you have the time/a few helpers on hand) and hand-make them.


Say you’ve chosen the “Pirate or Mermaid?” theme for your gender reveal party. Take a trip to your local craft shop (Michaels is my personal favorite for card or invite-making materials) and browse the scrapbooking aisle. You can usually find lots of sturdy scrapbooking paper that can work as a foundation for your invitations. Fold the paper in half if you so choose (for a card-like invite), or cut out a single square. If your scrapbooking paper is designed (for example, blue with anchor imaging) you can gently glue a plain white piece of paper in a smaller size so the design acts as a border. Either use sticker letters to spell out the party details, write them out carefully (if you like your penmanship!), or even type them up on a computer and then select “print” and use this as your plain white paper to glue on your scrapbooking border. Not in the mood to use glue? If you have a hole puncher, attach the two sheets of paper by weaving some ribbon through the holes. The scrapbooking aisle is also great about having a large sticker selection, and working with “Pirate or Mermaid?” as our party’s theme for this example, some anchor, sailboat, or whale stickers would add something special. Make every invitation uniform, or give each one something unique. Whichever you choose, your handiwork is sure to get your guests pumped for the gender reveal festivities!






Decorating your space for the get-together comes with lots of creative freedom. Balloons and tablecloths that go hand-in-hand with your theme will help set the mood, as will the napkins and disposable dinnerware used for delicious party treats. One idea that works wonderfully with a “Little Mister or Little Miss?” theme is to get some paper straws (available in most craft shops and party supply stores), some colored pink and some blue, and carefully modify them with some paper cut-outs. Glue lips onto your pink straws, and mustache cut-outs onto your blue ones. Guests can choose which sex they think (or hope!) the little one will be, while sipping in style.




Games and Activities


Before the big gender reveal at your bash, you’ll want to keep your guests entertained and having a blast. Encourage them to choose a team, either team pink or team blue! Have a guestbook available where everyone can write down their guess as to baby’s sex, or have a chalkboard present where each vote counts as a tally mark.


Another idea is to have pins available (easily whipped together with paper cut-outs and safety pins) for your loved ones to sport on their shirt collar. Hoping the stork delivers a bouncing baby boy to your brood? Why not show your “team blue” spirit with a bowtie pin? Those who yearn to welcome a little lady can model their own pin, like a pink bow or a ballet slipper. Keep count of which team has the highest number of supporters. If the big reveal ends up harmonizing with the most popular choice, why not give that team a special prize?




The Moment of Truth


At a gender reveal party, it all comes down to the moment of the big unveiling. So how will you choose to find out your special delivery’s sex?

Here are a few fantastic ideas:


1. Dessert (think cake or cupcake) packed with blue or pink filling. Take a bite of your yummy treat, and find out whether the verdict is wheel or heels!


2. Pinata filled with candy of your choice, in either blue or pink wrapping. When you bust open your pinata, whichever color you see points to the sex baby is sure to be! What a sweet surprise! (Wink wink)


3. Balloon box. When the time to discover your bundle of joy’s gender approaches, open a box pre-filled with balloons. They can be pink or blue, or even announce in writing. “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” Make sure to get plenty of photos to capture your surprised face!


When you’re expecting, finding out baby’s sex is such a wonderful milestone. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting your firstborn or adding to your family, it’s a moment that never ceases to be special for parents and loved ones. Throwing a gender reveal party ensures that your closest friends and family share in this with you, and make fantastic memories you’ll cherish for life. This type of celebration also gives you endless opportunity to play with various do-it-yourself projects that will have your creativity working at its peak. So have fun, challenge yourself, and celebrate your expanding clan!

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