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In this article, we’re continuing on with the celebration of love, family, and the special memories we create with those closest to us. When we began this series with the previous post, we examined how a crafty mom-to-be could have a blast sharing the news of the little one’s sex by way of a gender reveal party. In this article, we’ll move on to a different sort of celebration that is no less thrilling for all involved – a wedding!

The topic of nuptials (and the tedious planning that comes before the big event arrives) was touched on in recent weeks, specifically how to incorporate a “do-it-yourself” approach to your special day. Skipping the vendor in lieu of handmade items (like flower bouquets, invitations, and even a bridal gown for the truly skilled and adventurous bride) is a fantastic way to not only have a unique wedding celebration that bears your crafty signature but to also save yourself lots of money and have an unforgettable honeymoon.

But when it comes to organizing a fabulous wedding celebration, the devil is definitely in the details. That will be our focus in this article, so if you’re a brainstorming wife-to-be in need of inspiration for your trip down the aisle, you’re in the right place!



Before you can really start checking things off the “To-Do” list, you’ll want to figure out what your general theme will be, and the color scheme you’d like to use. A huge deciding factor in what a betrothed lady will choose is what time of year the wedding will take place. Maybe you have a specific date you want down the aisle, or perhaps you’re going with what’s available at your chosen venue. Getting hitched on a holiday (like Christmas and Valentine’s Day) is work for you too, especially if you and your fiancé have busy schedules.



As mentioned earlier, time of year can play a large part in what colors your wedding is based around. Ready to see which hues and shades are appropriate for each season? Here they are!



Spring is the first season of the year when everything is becoming fresh and new. Flowers are starting to bloom, winter is dying down, and the weather stays (for the most part. We’re looking at you, April Showers!) It’s a lovely time to get hitched and offers some beautiful color choices. Some examples:

– pastels

– coral

– pinks/purples

– marigolds

– robin’s egg blue

– orange (bright or burnt)

– muted colors like gray



Popsicles, sunny days at the pool, and golden tans are only a few highlights of the summer season. June and August are two of the most popular months to tie the knot, and it’s not hard to see why. Here are some great color options for a summertime wedding:

– gold

– emerald, lime

– raspberry, fuchsia

– candy apple red

– lilac

– turquoise, bright blue



My personal favorite season is autumn, and we have the privilege of being in the midst of it at this very moment. Desiring a cozy fall wedding? Check out these common autumn hues:

– teal

– camel, chocolate, rust

– plum, or lilac/royal purple

– deep red, burgundy

– pumpkin, mango

– honey gold

– navy

– mustard

– hunter green



The final and coldest season is winter. Hot cocoa, warm fireplaces, and pure white snow come with this time of year. Thinking about having a wintery wedding day? Here are the colors you could employ:

– sapphire

– gold/silver

– black

– deep red, bright red

– plum

– emerald

– white



The theme of your celebration is an idea or style choice that will set the mood for your nuptials. Your decorations, invites, and more can reflect this theme, so naturally, you would want to choose one that totally fits you and your fiancé!

What are some examples of popular themes used these days? Check out this list:

– burlap and lace

– pearls and lace

– polka dots

– nautical/beach

– Alice in Wonderland

– vintage

– glitter

– black and white



So your date is set, you’ve selected a theme, and your planning is under way! But maybe you’re unsure of what colors to use together?

If you choose any of the colors listed previously (within the season your special day falls on), you can use whichever combination you like. But if you’re in need of some examples of gorgeous hue mixtures, we’ve got you covered! Here they are, by season:



– soft gray and coral

– soft gray and mint

– gold, blush, and pink

– coral and mint

– the combination of pastels (soft pink, light yellow, lilac, mint, etc.)

– turquoise and fuchsia

– blend of whatever bright and vibrant colors you choose, like tangerines, sky blue, magenta, and lilac



– lime, coral, and gold

– turquoise and violet

– sky blue and candy apple red

– red orange, fuchsia, marigold

– turquoise and tangerine



– burgundy, crimson, chocolate, pumpkin, gold

– pumpkin, cocoa, lilac, plum

– chocolate, brick red, coral, blush

– dusty blue, plum, magenta, burnt orange, marigold

– soft yellow, pumpkin, red-orange, candy apple red, plum, navy

– powder blue, sky blue, marigold, pumpkin, red orange

– navy/sapphire, pumpkin/burnt orange



– silver, sapphire, white

– plum, emerald, camel

– cerulean, navy, crimson, white

– plum, gray, lilac

– navy, marsala (deep red/brown)

– forest green, crimson, ivory



Just for fun, we’ve picked some themes and color schemes that we think would be killer choices for the day you marry your beloved. Maybe one is right up your alley!

– burlap, pearls, and lace with an autumn color combination

– polka dots, vintage, silver, and sapphire (winter)

– glitter, pastel colors, and springtime (maybe a garden/tea party feel)

– nautical/beach, summertime (Independence Day tie-in) and sky blue, candy apple red

– black and white, vintage, glitter, pearls and lace

So far, we’ve touched on the topic of choosing a theme and a set of colors that is just right for a bride-to-be’s upcoming wedding day. But there’s much more to taking the plunge than just that! In the next part of this article, we will get into some more inspirational ideas for your big day.

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