Celebrating Love and Family – Wedding Inspiration Part Two


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We’re back to celebrating the special moments that come about in life, and how to marry them with a love of “do-it-yourself” projects. And speaking of marriage, the previous article in this series discussed ideas for the creative bride to explore for a truly unique and unforgettable wedding day.

We’ve already tossed around the subject of nuptial themes, and the color schemes that can really make the theme you choose pop visually. Today in part two of Wedding Inspiration, we have more excellent concepts to look into for the brainstorming wedding planner, so let’s get into them!


Wedding Still Life In Rustic Style. Retro Stylized Photo.


After selecting your theme, or sometimes even before taking that step, you’ll most likely have the potential ceremony and reception locations on the brain. And while a wedding venue itself doesn’t have lots in common with arts and crafts, nailing down where you will tie the knot can help you decide what route to take when it comes to design.

If you’re still in the market for a lovely location to get hitched, here is a list of common venues that are used for weddings:

  • Family Property (Inside of a home, or out in the backyard or other grounds)
  • Barn (Perfect for a rustic or country wedding)
  • Restaurant
  • Camp Site (Think cozy and casual, or a little fancier of a “glamping” celebration)
  • City, State, or National Park
  • Buildings or Party Rooms for Rent




Apart from knowing where your nuptials are to be held, you’ll want to figure out what your dress code (and altogether style of your celebration) will be. There are varying degrees of what you can pick, ranging from casual to formal/black tie, and some in between (like cocktail or festive bashes). Deciding on which option of dress code is the best for your wedding will be a huge factor in the direction your DIY-adventures will go.

Once you have the venue of your ceremony and reception set in stone, as well as whether you like the idea of a casual dress code and feel, or a fancier one, you can start rolling up your sleeves and banging out some homemade wedding items! In the next part, we will get into the meat of some of these items, so stay tuned!

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