Choosing a Sewing Machine For Your Needs


Using a sewing machine can help you tremendously when it comes to engaging in sewing projects. We are well past the age of having to construct a garment using just a needle and thread, but unfortunately, it is not always easy to pick out a sewing machine that will work for what you want to create. So in this article, we will talk a little bit about sewing machines and choosing a sewing machine for your needs.

choosing a sewing machine for your needs

1. Mechanical Machines

The first type of sewing machine that we want to mention? The mechanical machine! When choosing a sewing machine that is affordable, this is one of your best options. A mechanical machine uses cams and is driven by one single motor. They are quite basic, but the good news? This type of sewing machine can handle nearly any sewing project you choose to engage in. Yay!

2. Electronic Machines

Another great type of sewing machine? The electronic machine. These are similar to mechanical machines, except for the very useful feature of electronic parts incorporated into the build. This saves time and labor, making it faster for you to complete your projects. Electronic sewing machines vary in price, from low to high, and are readily available where sewing machines are sold.

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choosing a sewing machine

3. Computerized Machines

A third option when choosing a sewing machine is one that is computerized. These machines are fancy, fancy. Rather than running on one motor, they contain several smaller motors that are all controlled by a microprocessor. This aids in the ability to use tons of decorative stitches, if this is what you are interested in for your garments. You can also embroider and monogram with this type of sewing machine.

These sewing machines are a little more pricey, and for good reason. This is a fabulous option for the individual who wants to sew all the time or even professionally.

Our thoughts? If you plan on sewing for yourself and your family, we suggest that you look into a reasonably-priced electronic machine. Look for one that will allow you to sew button-holes, and look for one that has a mock overlock stitch. This will allow you to skip the overlock machine if you are wanting to keep things cheap. Unless you are hoping to make professional-quality garments, you don’t need a machine that is computerized. But if you want to spoil yourself, go nuts! Computerized machines are quite fun to use.

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