Clocks and Crafts – Giving an Old Clock New Life With Glitter


Ah, crafting. Not only is it a lot of fun, it can be very simple while still packing a major punch. In this post, I’m going to show you how I updated an old clock by simply using glitter, mod podge, and a small paintbrush. For clocks and crafts, read on!

clocks and crafts

I purchased this simple black clock at my local Dollar General for less than five dollars. I bought it for use in my DIY newborn photography idea late last year and decided that it needed a little update and some batteries before it was ready to use in everyday life. So grabbing my mod podge (an excellent craft glue that dries clear), I decided to simply add some pizzazz.

I brushed mod podge onto the frame of the clock first. That made it easy to separate the larger glitter pieces from the smaller ones. Once the glue was in place, I sprinkled the larger glitter onto it. The pieces then stuck to the clock, giving the frame a sparkly shine. The brush I used came in a set of paintbrushes found in any kids’ crafting aisle. I used the sponge brush rather than one with bristles.

clocks and crafts

For the surface of the clock itself, I chose a very small, very subtle white glitter. That way, the glitter would not get in the way of the clock’s visibility. This is important if you hope to use the clock for function, and not just decoration. Of course, some larger pieces still made its way onto the clock’s surface but I was happy with how it turned out.

After applying the glitter, I allowed the glue to dry. And after that, I was ready to enjoy the fruits of my clocks and crafts!

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