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Arts and crafts made from scratch are simply the bee’s knees. But what about kits that come with everything you need in order to whip up something fabulous already there for you to use? In this article, I’m going to show you what I did with a kit that enables you to engage in painting sun catchers.


Painting Sun Catchers

I purchased my kit from Wal-Mart, and it was not expensive. It was less than $15. As you can see from the picture above, it came with many beautiful paint colors. The pink paint was the only one that came with glitter added, and I have to say it quickly became my favorite one. Before digging into painting sun catchers, however, I made sure that I had an old towel down to protect my table.

Painting Sun Catchers

The kit I purchased had an excellent selection of sun catchers included. And since the sun catchers are whimsical and cute, this kit is perfect for completing with any children you may have living with you. The first sun catcher that I decided to paint was the cute little flower pot.

Painting Sun Catchers - Flower Pot

Unlike other sun catcher kits you can purchase, this one didn’t come with paint brushes. In fact, all you need to do with these sun catchers is squeeze a small amount of paint in the space you want some color and then allow it to dry. As you can see, I chose to paint my little daisy yellow with a pink center, and my tulips simply pink.

A word of caution: As I continued painting, I had some colors bleed into others as they dried. I recommend that when you play around with painting sun catchers you use your dark colors first and allow them to dry before using a color that is lighter. That will help to cut down on bleeding and mixing.

Painting Sun Catchers - Finished!

Here are two of my finished sun catchers! I was super excited to see how they turned out after drying. They are definitely more glossy and clear once they have had a chance to sit. These are simply perfect for grabbing sunlight and bringing some whimsical decor to wherever they are hung.

If you are new to crafting, or you want something simple and cost-effective this kit and kits like it are a great way to go. It’s also a fun idea to purchase a crafting kit to enjoy with your little ones.

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