Crafts You Can Play With Using Toilet Paper Rolls


Hi, everyone!  Today we will talk about some great crafts you can play with using toilet paper rolls. In the past, we have discussed finding supplies, and how expensive they can be. However, there is one thing you have around the house that you may not have thought about as being a craft supply. This item is none other than the toilet paper roll. Let’s be honest. We ALL buy toilet paper, and if you have a big family, then you know that toilet paper goes fast. Then, you are left with a little brown roll. Don’t throw these away! In this article, we will discuss some of the projects that you can engage in using these leftover rolls.


Toilet Paper Roll


1. Flower Arrangement

The first craft using toilet paper that we will touch on is the flower arrangement. This can be done real easily, and look fabulous once you have a finished piece. Simply cut your roll into manageable pieces, and then flatten them so instead of a circle, you have more of a slight opening (think of half-open eyes). Leave some brown, or paint these pieces a darker shade. Then, paint some pieces green to act as leaves, and some pieces the color of your flowers. This is truly one of the best crafts you can play with using toilet paper rolls.

Glue the brown pieces in such a way that you have a tree branch or stem. Then, glue on your leaves, and your flower petals.

2. Wreath

Another great idea using toilet paper rolls is to whip up a fantastic wreath. Cut your roll into smaller pieces, and flatten them into that same shape we mentioned before. For a wreath, you can paint the pieces whatever color you like. Multiple colors will help the wreath really stand out. Then, glue the pieces together (once the paint has dried) in whatever design you like, working them into a large circle. Once your wreath is completed, and dry, hang it somewhere nice!

3. Organizer

This project involves a little less work. In fact, you don’t really need to modify your toilet paper rolls at all. Simply store them as you collect them, and then find a container or a box that they will all fit in snugly (standing up next to each other). Now you have an organizer! You can store pens, power cords, and much more.

Toilet paper rolls are constantly thrown out, but if you save them, you can have some fun crafting without having to spend an arm and a leg. Are there any toilet paper roll crafts you enjoy? If so, let us know in the comments.

Happy crafting!

Updated: May 5, 2017 — 7:33 pm
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