DIY Art Project – Painted Frame And Sticker Fun!


The last time I was at Michaels, I was suffering from a bit of a block on my creativity. So I browsed the store and looked for some inspiration, and was able to come across a sticker book with some vintage stickers (For those of you interested in checking this out, it’s Crowded Attic by Idea-ology) for under four dollars and a wooden frame for exactly one dollar.

Art Supplies Wooden Frame And Sticker Book

So I purchased them with the intention of painting the frame with some paint I had at home, and decorating the backing of the frame with the stickers to create a fun and cheap piece of artwork! Seriously, this project was very inexpensive. Not counting the paint, which I purchased at Walmart for ten dollars for a pack of twenty colors, this project was just over five bucks. Not bad!

Art Supplies 2

I decided to use a light blue to contrast the brass and steel colors of the stickers, and also to give a cheerful homage to Spring.

Art Supplies First Coat Of Paint

I lightly brushed the paint onto the frame, and let the first coat dry overnight. While that happened, I began work on the stickers and frame backing.

Art Supplies 4

There really wasn’t a method to this madness. I just picked stickers at random with the intention of covering as much of the white of the backing as I could.

Art Supplies 5


The next day, I covered the frame with a secondary coat of paint, and once again let it dry overnight.

Art Supplies Frame Is Completely Painted And Dry

Yay! It’s starting to look pretty good! All I had to do at that point was insert the newly decorated backing into the frame again, and that was it.

Art Supplies 8

Tada! I added the burlap flower because I had an extra lying around from the milk jar project. I felt like it gave it an extra touch.

Art Supplies 7

Then I used my extra paint to create a little grin!

I thought this would be a good project because I really like art, but I don’t always like how much it costs. And since I don’t have a whole lot of talent when it comes to painting a picture, stickers were a fast and easy way to go while still putting together something that had visual interest. I’m not quite sure if I will keep the frame to hang in one of my rooms, or if I would like to give it to someone as a gift, but either way, I think I’ll do this again. Please tell me how you think I did in the comments!

Happy Crafting!


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