4 DIY Home Decor Projects to Spice Up Your Home


Single Woman Bedroom Idea

Something that a lot of craft-lovers (if not all) enjoy playing around with is infusing do-it-yourself skills with home decoration. If you are in the market for some fresh ideas for your own DIY flat fixings, read on for some inspiration!


Photo of hand catching leaves painted on chalkboard


1. Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is a wonderful tool when it comes to making your home truly special and unique. You can snag a can from a craft store like Michaels, and give your fridge a makeover at a price that doesn’t break the bank. If you’re really feeling gutsy, try painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint. One fun idea is to paint the wall behind your bed and then draw a fancy headboard! Or consider turning a kitchen or dining room wall into a giant chalkboard, and use it to write down shopping lists, or for the little ones of the household to doodle and play on.


few wooden boxes on the plain background


2. Wooden Crate Bathroom Storage

This project takes some time and patience, but the result is killer storage for your bathroom items! If you have some wooden crates to play with, you can first spray-paint them to be whatever color works best for you. You may want to prime them first if using a pastel paint or a light blue shade that wouldn’t show up as vividly if applied to the crate directly.

Allow the freshly painted crates to dry completely, and then stack them in such a way where they lay on their side. The traditional top of the crates should face forward to serve as usable shelving. When you have arranged the crates in such a way that you are happy with (for example, two columns of three stacked crates) attach them to each other securely with a nail gun. If you’re not familiar with nail guns, or don’t feel comfortable using one, grab a friend to help!


This Bedroom Has Got A Style


Not only can you enjoy less clutter and an organized way to store your things, you can have a fabulous do-it-yourself piece that you get to take pride in whipping up yourself. And don’t think you have to be limited to keeping your fancy furniture in the bathroom. A bedroom or living space would also work perfectly!




3. Pine Cone Table Centerpiece

A simple decoration can be all the difference between a house and a home, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend an arm and a leg to make that happen for your living space. A great idea for a quick and lovely centerpiece on a table is a bowl or clear vase that is large enough to display pine cones. Add as many pine cones as you would like, whether they be natural or painted. To add a little something extra, why not sprinkle some glitter or potpourri on top? Pine cones can be replaced by any other option that you’d like to enhance visual interest, such as flowers or pebbles.




4. DIY Penny Vase

The penny carries the lowest currency in America, and because of this fact, it can be found pretty much anywhere. You may have some that you found on the street, a few random strays in your backseat, or handfuls and handfuls of coinage in your piggy bank. If it pays more to invest (see what we did there?) your pennies in an imaginative home idea, you can spice up an old vase by gluing the coins along the outside. Now you will have a gorgeous bronze decorative container for your flowers!

These four home decorating projects are a great start to making your home a warm and livable space, but there is certainly a big DIY world out to be explored.

If you enjoyed these DIY home decor projects, be sure to let us know below in the comments.

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