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It’s super fun to engage in arts and crafts, but what if you would like to make some extra money with what you can create? In this article, we will mention some easy to sell crafts that you can whip up for your side business or even turn into a main source of income. So let’s get started!

Lollipop Stand

Something you can easily make and sell is a lollipop stand. What I would suggest doing is using a small flower pot or vase, and then decorating this for extra visual appeal. Grab a foam ball that fits, and attach this to the top of the pot/vase. Then, stuff your lollipops into the foam ball in order to cover the foam and really make the stand “pop.”

Something else you can do is arrange foam pieces into certain shapes, such as a three-tiered cake, and decorate before adding your lollipops. A lollipop stand is certainly a wonderful idea when it comes to a craft you can sell, especially around times of the year centered around gift-giving (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.).


Did you know you can make your own chalkboard? It’s super simple to whip up and a great choice for easy to sell crafts. To get the best bang for your buck, visit a dollar store like the Dollar Tree, and select some attractive plates that you can turn into chalkboards. You can also purchase some inexpensive picture frames. Grab some chalkboard paint if you do not already own some (I got mine from Michaels, and paid less than ten dollars) and then cover the inside of the plate/picture frame to turn it into a chalkboard. Adding a hook on the back of each one will enable customers to hang their board up in their desired room.

Knife Block

At stores such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill, you can find lots of very cheap knife blocks for sale. To spruce a block up and turn it around for sale, sand it down, paint over it, and then decorate it to give it a unique look. You will put in only a little bit of money for supplies while gaining the potential for a huge profit.

Stretch Bracelets

On the Sew Much Craftiness blog, we have talked a lot about jewelry, and indeed, jewelry is an excellent choice when it comes to easy to sell crafts. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry to make is the stretch bracelet. For a tutorial on how to make stretch bracelets, click here.

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