Exploring Your Crafty Side


hipster style office tableBeing crafty, artistic, good with DIY projects, and just plain creative doesn’t always come easily, or naturally. If you’re wanting to broaden your horizons and explore your crafty side, this article will help you to do just that! Ready to find a new artsy hobby? Here we go!

1. Home Decor

Decorating your home doesn’t always have to be new throw pillows and curtains, or a new shade of paint on your walls. Challenge yourself to see what you can create, such as a wreath made from paper flowers, or a throw blanket for your couch or love seat. Click here for the tutorial on how to make a throw blanket (no sew!).

Almost time for the holidays? Instead of buying a tree, why not use paper and stickers and set up a “tree” on one of the living room walls? You can still place presents beneath your set up, and enjoy far less clean up time once the holidays are over!


Blank Desk Calendar With Pink Carnation Flower2. Fashion and Clothing

Making your own clothing may sound intimidating to you, but it can be as simple as whipping up a new garment in a matter of minutes. If you’re completely new to sewing, start off small, like with this skirt tutorial.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, or you’re wanting to try your hand at a simpler method of making clothing before you graduate to thread and needle, there are no-sew options available for creating a garment. Here’s an example of a new-sew project, where I turned a sweater into a cardigan.


Woman's modern workspace3. Misc. Arts and Crafts

While being crafty and exploring DIY projects can satisfy a creative need AND serve practical functionality, sometimes the best way to go is a fun hobby like doodling. That doesn’t mean coloring or doodling, or playing around with poetry isn’t practical. But if you’re not naturally inclined to artsy things, or want to start small and slow, picking up a sketchbook or coloring book is the perfect way to go.

If you decide to color (coloring books have become all the rage lately!), practice with the color wheel and combining colors. I recently got a Disney princess coloring book (never grow up, folks!) and had fun re-designing the classic dresses the princesses would wear by giving them new colors that I thought looked well together. Whatever you choose to do, it can serve as a stress-relief method, while being lots of fun and exercising your crafty muscle! So never be afraid to branch out and explore your crafty side.

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