Finally Unpacked – Sewing Room Tour


Hello everyone! It’s been a few months since I’ve moved into my new house, and I’ve finally gotten around to unpacking my sewing room. I’m so excited to get back on the ball with sewing and whipping up new arts and crafts, and there’s nothing like an organized space to help fuel creativity.

Sewing Room 1 Sewing Room 2

I chose a room with some nifty shelving on the wall, perfect for storing boxes and various items. My scrapbooking items, kandi materials, colored pencils and markers, paints, as well as fabric have a great place to be stored that is easily accessible without being cluttered.

Sewing Room 3

I decided to re-purpose my old dining room table and start using it for not only cutting fabric, but my computer is stationed on one side, and my sewing machine on the other. That way my sewing room also doubles as my home office.

Sewing Room 4

It’s so nice to have my sewing machine resting on a larger surface. My old sewing table was quite a bit smaller, making sewing a bit of a chore.

Sewing Room 5

Speaking of my old sewing table, I decided to keep it and store it close to the wall for extra surface space in case I need it. One of my bookshelves rests against a wall, and my ironing board and iron have a great place to be without being too much in the way of the rest of the room.

Sewing Room 6

Behind my sewing machine sits another bookshelf, with plenty of room for my to slide a chair in and sew when I need to use the machine. Next to the bookshelf I have a jewelry box that I can keep the jewelry I’ve made.

I’m excited to finally be unpacked and ready to go! I’m really enjoying having an organized space to create more things to share with you guys!

Have photos of your sewing room? Share them in the comments below! Happy crafting everyone!

Updated: February 9, 2016 — 10:37 pm
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