Fun Springtime Craft Ideas to Enjoy This Season


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Winter is over, and springtime is among us. And that means it’s time to dive into some fun springtime craft ideas. In this article, we will share some fun crafts that you can play with as the sunshine rolls in!


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1. Floral Table Centerpiece

With spring and lovely weather on the horizon, perhaps you want to whip up a new centerpiece for your table to mirror the outdoors. As far as crafting goes, this project is relatively simple and doesn’t cost much money at all.

If you have a vase, then you have your foundation. If not, I recommend looking for one that works for you at a craft store, or even a dollar store where you can find some awesome supplies for cheap. If you have a clear vase, you can fill it with little craft gems, or whatever you prefer. One of my favorite ideas is to cover a vase in mod podge and then brush on some glitter (any color glitter will work, but for spring time, we recommend pink, blue, or yellow). This will give the vase some extra visual appeal and springtime cheer.

If you purchase a vase that is not clear, you can buy some spray paint (a base coat is recommended before spraying on any light color of paint) and give it a bright, matte finish. Again, we recommend a lovely springtime color for your vase. You can decorate the vase with lace, ribbon, or anything you think would give it extra appeal. Then, arrange the flowers that you would like to use, and you’re done! Fake flowers will help the centerpiece last longer.


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2. Springtime Wreath

One of the best ways to celebrate the new season is to hang a beautiful handmade wreath on your door. You can make the wreath foundation by hand, or purchase one and add to it. This method is perhaps a little easier.

Some great ideas for your wreath are to glue on dried flowers, or fresh ones, or fake flowers that will last all spring. In conjunction with Easter, you can even add Easter eggs and Easter grass. One of my favorite ideas is to take some ribbon in springtime colors and make little bows out of them. Weave them onto your wreath, or glue them. Your door will look springtime ready in no time!




3. Spring Artwork

Need some fresh fridge art? If you aren’t so keen on breaking out the paint set, one idea is to print out a silhouette of a bunny, flower, or whatever shape you prefer, and then cut this out of the paper so that you have a lovely-shaped hole. Then, grab yourself another sheet of paper. Use different colored yarn pieces, or even decorative ribbon, and glue this to the entire sheet of paper, Then, lay down the sheet with the cutout on top of it, and glue this in place. You should be able to see the yarn or ribbon through the shape you cut out.

If you chose to cut out a bunny, like in the photograph above, add a little cotton ball tail for some extra visual interest. Once your artwork is done, frame it or tape it up to the fridge. This makes a great springtime gift as well!




4. No-Sew Baby Blanket, or Throw Blanket

One great springtime craft is to whip up a throw blanket, or a baby blanket if you have a little one due in the first season of the year. And the best part of this project is that it’s a no-sew one. So how do you make it?

When you are shopping for fabric, choose two designs in a light but comfortable material. The two designs should match each other, because one design will make up one side of the blanket, and the other design will be the alternate side. You should purchase each in 2 yards.

When you get home, wash and dry as normal in order to prevent shrinkage later on. You may also wish to iron your fabric pieces before getting started on the project.

For the first step, lay down one of the pieces of fabric on the floor, pretty side down on the floor. Then, lay the second piece on top of this one, the pretty side facing up toward the ceiling. Make sure each piece matches the other perfectly. Then, go around all four edges and make one inch long snips through both layers, one-half inch wide.

Next, using these cuts, tie the two fabric pieces together to make little fringe-knots around the whole blanket, and connect the two pieces to make one blanket. Enjoy!


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5. Mason Jar Crafts

One excellent way to craft is by using mason jars. You can use these to store candies, candles, or even use these jars as flower vases for springtime bouquets. Decorate these jars with lace, ribbon, or whatever you want to use for visual appeal. You can also use mason jars to store gifts in, and then from there, tie a paper cutout around the lid with a cute little note attached.

Springtime is an excellent time of year to engage in some crafty fun. The new year is in full swing, and everything is fresh and new.

Another part of springtime is Easter. If you are interested in some fun and easy Easter crafts, check out this video that we threw together with some thrilling projects you can enjoy this season!

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