Great New Year Craft Idea – Time Capsule!


Christmas has come and gone, and we at Sew Much Craftiness hope that you all had an amazing holiday with your friends and family. But we still have one more special day to observe for the year, and that would be New Years! Just like all special days, there is a fun craft that you can do for New Years Day, and as an added bonus it’s a craft that can be enjoyed with children. In this post, we are going to discuss the New Year craft idea that is the time capsule!

New Year craft ideas

If you have any small boxes laying around the house (think shoe box or a similar size), fill it with items that helped to define your 2017. This can be any newborn-sized clothing if you had a baby like I did, any special somethings from your wedding if you got married, or graduation photos from your last day at class, just as an example. Along with these items, slip a copy of your New Years resolutions into the box and anything else that you would like to include in your time capsule. When you are done with your craft, decorate it to your heart’s content and then bury it if you have the availability, or simply put it up for when it is time to open it.

The idea behind this craft is to capture a small part of 2017 and then re-visit the capsule at a later date. Check back in a year or more if you like and see whether or not you were able to keep your resolutions, or simply take a look at your special items that give meaning to the year you created the craft. No doubt you can see how this New Year craft idea can especially be a blast when you have small children in your home that will only be small for a short time. Happy New Years!

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