Handmade Jacket Made From Fabric Scraps


Hi there! I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! This past week I’ve been keeping myself busy with sewing, and sometimes it feels like I have more ideas than I have fabric. So I turned my attention to my growing pile of scraps and decided to tap into what I already had lying around. And this is what I made! A handmade jacket:

Homemade Jacket

This is a simple jacket, plush and warm for the upcoming cooler weather. I initially intended to make it out of one fabric (and therefore, one color) but I just didn’t have enough. And looking back, I’m glad I didn’t, because I’m really loving the two-tone look that’s going on.

Homemade Jacket

I made this jacket by tracing a fitted cardigan I already had. I cut out one large piece for the back, two pieces to make up the front, two sleeves, and one long 8-inch strip and a 3-inch strip to make the waistband, cuffs, and collar piece. I also cut out two rectangles to turn into pockets.

The black fabric used for the sleeves, cuffs, and bands is a sturdy knit fabric with minimal stretch. It’s heavier than the gray fabric, so during the cooler months my arms will stay nice and warm, and my body won’t get overheated.

Homemade Jacket

I opted out of adding buttons, because I like the idea of just grabbing this jacket and throwing it on as I walk out the door. And I never usually button up cardigans or coats anyway, so I figured I could save myself the trouble this time around.

This was a quick project, taking me just an evening to finish. I’m really pleased with this jacket, and I plan on making more, as well as regular tops and cardigans, in the near future.

Speaking of tops, here is a sneak peak of the topic of my next article!

Nautical Top

Definitely, keep your scrap pieces of fabric. You never know what you’ll be able to come up with! If you have tried a handmade jacket of your own, please share your experience in the comments below.

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