Handmade Stationary – Making a Thank You Card


Thank You


Receiving a gift is almost as lovely as having the pleasure of giving one yourself, and when you want to show your appreciation, what is better than sending out a Thank You note? Well, one that you made yourself, of course! In this article, I will show how I made a Thank You from scratch, and how you can too!




 I had some designer paper lying around unused, so I decided to grab a few sheets for this project. I also had some smaller pieces that came in a scrapbook kit I bought a while ago, and thought that the “grateful” touch would get my appreciation across quite nicely.




I chose the smaller “grateful” piece out of the two shown above, and taped it at the corners to the larger chevron design below it. The larger size measured 6×4, and the smaller 4×3. So using those measurements, I was able to position it right in the middle.




I then took the 6×4 card I had taped with the “grateful” sheet and applied the same measuring step to a larger designer paper sheet (shown below). I chose a colorful piece for contrast and visual appeal, and then flipped the card over to show the back.




Using a ruler, and some colorful pens, I manually added lines to write my message on. I went in order by colors of the rainbow, making first a pink line, then an orange, green, blue, and finally a purple line.




After adding my lines, I lined the edges with some designer tape for some polish. And after that, my Thank You card was ready to personalize with a message and send out!




As an extra touch, I lined the bottom edge of my envelope with some fancy designer tape as well. If you also choose to use tape like this, I would recommend gluing the ends down or secure with clear scotch tape, as I found the tape likes to peel up after a bit.

That’s all there was to making a special Thank You card! You can create any type of stationary you put your mind to, and not only will you be saving some money but you’ll be adding a personal touch that will help your meaning get across! Your best asset is your imagination, so tap into it and see what you can make!


Happy crafting!


Updated: November 21, 2016 — 9:25 pm
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