How To Make A Bow Out Of Ribbon (Easy!)


Ribbon Bows

Interested in how to make a bow out of ribbon? This can be done in 5 minutes flat. Let’s get started!

Things you’ll need:

1. Ribbon in 1.5 inch width

2. Ribbon in 3/8 inch width

3. Hot Glue Gun

4. Lighter

5. Bobby Pin (Optional)

Step One: Take your 1.5 inch ribbon and cut two 8 inch long pieces.

Ribbon Cutting

Take your 3/8 inch ribbon and cut off a small piece. I usually eyeball how much I cut off, but it ends up being roughly 5 inches long.

Pieces Of Ribbon


Step Two: Take your lighter and gently sweep the flame across the ends of each piece of ribbon. This will help prevent fraying.

Prevent Fraying

Step Three: Take one of your 1.5 inch ribbon pieces and fold it in half. Press the folded end a few times until when you open the ribbon up, there is a crease in the middle.

Ribbon Crease

Taking your hot glue gun, add a line of glue next to one side of the crease you created. Bring the end of the ribbon on that side to the middle and press it down. Repeat on the other side.

Ribbon Glued In The Middle

Step Four: Pinch the ribbon in the middle on the front of the ribbon. Add a drop of glue in the middle of where you have pinched and press. Hold for a few seconds until the glue has dried.

Pinching The Ribbon Front Ribbon Glued In The Middle Front

Flip the bow over and lightly pinch the middle on the back. Glue this as well.

Ribbon Glued In The Middle Back

If you’d like your bow to be this size, you can go ahead and skip to step six.

Step Five: Repeat steps 1 through 4 with your remaining piece of 1.5 inch ribbon. When you have two small bows, place one bow on top of the other and glue them in place.

Ribbons Glued In Place Ribbons Glued In Place Two

Step Six: Take your hot glue gun and on the bottom middle of the bow, add a drop of glue. Place one end of your 3/8 inch ribbon on the drop of glue and hold in place until the glue has dried.

Middle Of Bow

Wrap the ribbon around the bow until your reach the other end of the 3/8 ribbon. Glue that in place.

Middle Of Bow Two

And now you know how to make a bow out of ribbon!

Finished Bow One

Turn the bow over and slip a bobby pin inside the 3/8 ribbon you wrapped around the middle if you’d like a cute new hair accessory.

Finished Bow Two

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