Jewelry Of The Week – Lace Choker Take Two!


After making my first lace choker, I decided I really didn’t like it. It was flimsy, and didn’t look too great. So after researching what a lace choker SHOULD look like, I started over.

Lace Choker 2

Instead of attaching rings to the ends of the lace and hoping that the lace didn’t snap, I added these clasps. What resulted was a lace choker that was much more stable and definitely neater. While in the future I won’t work with this kind of lace again, I wanted to make the best of what I did have.

Lace Choker 1

I made another lace choker, this one made of a thin white lace. This one was a little bit more challenging when it came to attaching the clasps on each end, but it ended up looking pretty nice!

Lace Choker 3


I think lace chokers look elegant and pretty, and I definitely want to make more. Which one of these two chokers do you like the best?

Thanks for reading!

Updated: February 12, 2015 — 3:15 pm
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