Jewelry Of The Week – Steampunk and Victorian Jewelry


This week I decided to make some jewelry with a theme that is close to my heart. I’m a huge fan of Steampunk and Victorian jewelry. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what steampunk is, think fantasy and science fiction meets industrial revolution. Lots of inventions, clock, gears, airships, corsets, sea monsters, etc. And so I give you…


My first necklace, I snipped off a 16-inch piece of bronze chain. At Michaels, I had recently purchased a box of gear pieces in silver, copper, and brass, and I decided to use all colors to really make this necklace pop. I placed a brass gear in the middle and a smaller silver gear on each side. Two copper gears on either side of the silver gears, and then I attached the whole thing to the chain. My goal was to make the gears look like they fit together and would belong in a piece of machinery.

My second necklace was fairly simple. And I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION! How do you like this necklace? Okay, I apologize, but I had to. When I saw this charm with a top hat, mustache, and glasses, I had to buy it. I attached it to a 16-inch piece of black chain and added two silver mustaches for something extra.

My third and last necklace of the week is not only my favorite of the bunch but my favorite piece of jewelry I own right now period. I love love love cameos. Last week’s jewelry adventures had a cameo pendant mixed in, and this week follows suit! I found this pendant also at Michaels, and it came as you see it above. I merely attached it to an 18-inch silver chain and added the ribbon detail. It’s as simple as that! I might see sometime soon if there are more cameo charms and pendants at Michaels and try adding one to a ribbon for a nice decorated ribbon choker.

That’s what I came up with this week! I’m going to dabble in some more steampunk and victorian-themed pieces soon, so stay tuned! And please let me know what you thought of my Steampunk and Victorian jewelry in the comments below.

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