Jewelry Of The Week – Taking Apart Chains And Using Hot Glue Guns


I found a chain at Michaels recently that was super cute, so I bought two of them. They were about 7 dollars, so not exactly breaking the bank. Here’s what the chain looked like before I changed it:

Jewelry Of Week Lock And Key Necklace 4

I liked the look of the purple beads, but they weren’t very sturdy, so I decided to take them off. The key didn’t fit what I was going for either, so I took it off as well in each chain and added it to my box of charms.

Jewelry Of Week Lock And Key Necklace 3

I left on the leaves because they gave the chain something extra, and because I didn’t want to lose too much length. Next came attaching the charms, which ended up in a finished piece of jewelry! Here are the two necklaces I came up with:

Jewelry Of Week Lock And Key Necklace Jewelry Of Week Lock And Key Necklace 2

For this one, I attached a lock charm, and a key charm to keep it somewhat simple.

Jewelry Of Week Crow And Leaves Necklace


You may recognize the charms on this necklace. I bought another set of charms that I used for the bohemian necklaces and attached three of them to this chain.

For my next project, I attached a flat charm to a chain I already had and then attached a light pink resin rose with a hot glue gun. For anyone who is interested in using these flowers (I highly recommend it, they’re CUTE!) click here. 

Flower Necklace 2

Resin Flowers




Updated: December 17, 2014 — 8:21 pm
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