Kandi Made By Me In the Year 2014


This year I discovered kandi, which are things made out of pony beads like cuffs, bikinis, masks, bags, and more. So I wanted to show you what I came up with, and a tutorial on how to make various kandi items will be coming soon! Check out the following kandi made by me in the year of 2014.

1. Glow-in-the-dark wallet with flower detailing.

Flower Wallet Side One Flower Wallet Side Two

This one was one of the easiest to make. The beads I used were slightly smaller than the typical 9mm beads and for some reason, they snapped right into place when stringing them on. That made this project a joy! Beads glow in the dark, and the flap is secured by slipping an elastic loop over a button.

2. Hello Kitty purse.

Hello Kitty Purse Side One Hello Kitty Purse Side Two


This purse was a gift for my younger sister, who loves Hello Kitty. It’s a small purse, so perfect for a child, and despite my sister overfilling it with toys, and being rough with it as a child will be with their toys, it’s still holding up! The purse closes with a zipper.

3. Tokidoki-inspired milk/latte purse.

Milk Latte Purse Side One Milk Latte Purse Side Two

I found the design for the “latte” image on www.kandipatterns.com and using this image, I made the pattern for “milk.” This one was my favorite purse to make, and I’m working on making more. I’m happy to say that this one has been sold.

Milk Latte Purse Zipper

4. Pacman bikini.

Pacman Bikini


My first time making a kandi bikini top, I thought I didn’t do too badly! I found the image for the Pacman triangle on www.kandipatterns.com.

5. Rapunzel and Ariel posters.

Princess Posters


These are two separate posters. I created a bunch of Disney princess patterns (and a few villains too) but this is what I have actually made thus far. These babies are pretty large, so they take up quite a few beads!

6. Sonic the Hedgehog wallet.

Sonic Wallet Side One Sonic Wallet Side Two


This was a request, and instead of making the wallet out of fishing line, I opted for black bead n’ stretch. It’s currently being used as a Nintendo 3DS case.

7. Sushi Purse

Sushi Purse Side One

And finally, here is the first kandi purse I ever made! And the theme? SUSHI! I plan to make another version with kawaii sushi pieces, but this purse is close to my heart.

If you’re interested in a tutorial in any of the kandi made by me this year, let me know!

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