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Lately, I’ve been getting really into ways to organize my house using non-traditional ways, usually while using odds and ends I already have lying around. In this article, I’ll share with you some of the cool life hacks I’ve learned so you can also enjoy creative ways to organize your home. Let’s get started!

ways to organize your home

Saving Closet Space

One of the coolest ways to save some space in your closet involves using can tabs, so be sure that you are saving these! Simply slide one side of the can tab onto a hanger, and then slip another hanger through the bottom hole (as shown in the image to the left). This will help you to save space in a closet that is on the small side. You can also pair clothing that matches like I did to make it easier to get dressed in the morning!

ways to organize your home

If you are interested in seeing how I used can tabs to make earrings, click here. 

ways to organize your home

Make the Most of Your Bathroom’s Space

This is a trick that I have been using for years, and it really helps to save space in a smaller bathroom. If you have a lot of stuff that you reach for when getting ready, it can also help to keep clutter off of your countertops. What’s the trick? Hang a shoe organizer on your bathroom door! Instead of keeping shoes in the organizer, keep your perfume, hair products, washes, etc. hung up and out of the way until you need them. This is an excellent tactic to use when you seek to organize your home.

Excellent way to re-use a juice cap!

Stop the Pain of Constant Drain

In my apartment, my bathtub did not come with a stopper. And since I adore baths, I found that I had to quickly get clean before all of the water was gone. I decided to fix the situation by using a juice cap that fit perfectly inside of the drain (the cap of a Sunny D bottle will work). When you go to put the cap stopper inside the drain, flip it so that the flat side is down in the drain. This will help you to be able to pull it up easier when it’s time to let the water out.

Use a Bookshelf as a Desk

This is my boyfriend’s work station upstairs in our bedroom. I have had this bookshelf for years, and it wasn’t being used. So we decided to take the shelves out of it and set it up so that he could have a great place to work without taking too much space up. The inner section of the bookshelf provides him an excellent place to rest his feet while he works, as well.

organize your home

Keep your door open like never before.

Use a Wine Cork as a Door Propper

This tip isn’t necessarily about organizing your home, but it’s an excellent life hack for those who need something to keep their doors open. My bathroom door always tries to shut itself, and sometimes I simply want my door to stay open. So we found a way to make a door propper by using an old wine cork that we had lying around. Be careful doing so, but cut away a sliver of one end of the cork so that it fits under your door. It will keep the door open wonderfully.

So if you are hoping to organize your home in creative and easy ways, check out these awesome life hacks. And be sure to leave your own home organizational tips in the comments below!

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