Barbie Doll Bedding Sewing Tutorial


I admit it. I’m still a kid at heart. I still have barbies, and occasionally I pull them out of storage and bring out my inner child. Playing around with the barbie dream house one day, I noticed that Barbie only owned a plastic pillow and thin blanket that was a bit too small for her. And it got me wondering if I could make my own barbie doll bedding here at home. If you have a little one in your life you think would enjoy some new bedding for their dolls (or if you’re a kid at heart like me), and you have some fabric scraps you could stand to use up, give this project a try!

Things You’ll Need:

1. Fabric Scraps

2. Matching thread

3. Sewing machine

4. Cotton balls

5. Scissors

6. Fabric chalk or a piece of soap

7. Ruler or yardstick

Step One:  Lay out your fabric scraps, and decide how long and how wide you’d like your barbie blanket to be. I’m going to make mine 10 inches long, and 6 inches wide.

Barbie Bedding Step One 1

Using your ruler and fabric chalk, draw guidelines for where you are going to cut, then go ahead and cut it out.

Barbie Bedding Step One 2 Barbie Bedding Step One 3

Repeat the process for the pillow, but please make sure your fabric is folded so that once you’ve cut, you end up with two pillow pieces. I’m going to make my pillow 3 inches long, and 3 inches wide.

Barbie Bedding Step One 4 Barbie Bedding Step One 5

These are the pieces you should end up having:

Barbie Bedding Step One 6

Step Two: Take your pieces to the sewing machine. For the blanket, simply zig-zag stitch the raw ends, and it’s done!

Barbie Bedding Step Two 1 Barbie Bedding Step Two 2

For the pillow, match up the two pieces of fabric so that the wrong sides are facing each other. Then zig-zag stich three of the raw edges, but leave one side open.

Barbie Bedding Step Two 3 Barbie Bedding Step Two 4

Step Three: Take some cotton balls and push them into the pillow until it’s filled.

Barbie Bedding Step Three

Now zig-zag stitch the open pillow closed, and guess what! That’s it. Now you have an adorable pillow and blanket for Barbie! Enjoy your new barbie doll bedding.

Barbie Bedding End Result 2

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