Make Body Butter At Home (Very Easy!)


Looking for an easy project to serve as a gift for someone special? Why not make body butter?

Things you’ll need:

Body Butter 1

1. Coconut Oil (Half a cup)

2. Honey (1 Tablespoon)

3. Essential Oil of your choice (4 or 5 drops)

4. Container to hold your butter in (This recipe is perfect for filling a 4-ounce container)

5. Decorations for your container (Optional)


Step One: Make sure your utensils and hands are clean! This will help prevent contamination of the body butter. Take your measurements of coconut oil and honey and place it in a bowl. Add 4 or 5 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Mix until the ingredients are well combined.

Body Butter 2

Step Two: Get your container ready. I’m using a 4-ounce jar I got at Michaels. Transfer your body butter from the bowl to the jar.

Body Butter 3


Optional Step: Time to decorate your jar and make it look nice! I’m using some labels and stickers I picked up from Michaels.

Body Butter 4

I used Sacred Frankincense as my essential oil, so I labeled my jar with a simple “S.F.”

Body Butter 5

And your body butter is done! Isn’t it fun to make body butter?

I definitely recommend always having coconut oil around the house. It’s good for so many things, especially beauty needs!

The shelf life of this butter depends on a few things. If you choose to add a preservative, add in an oil soluble kind. If you choose not to add in any preservatives at all, use up this butter within the week! Make sure you let your loved one who is receiving this gift know to use it quickly. So making a large quantity is not recommended, unless you’re packaging and gifting this butter to quite a few people. If the essential oil you use is antibacterial, that will help extend the shelf life quite a bit. I used Sacred Frankincense, which is a great natural preservative that may extend your body butter’s shelf life to 3 months or even longer. If shelf life is a concern, then definitely add in an antibacterial oil!

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