How to Make a No Sew Baby Blanket


While being able to sew and having a sewing machine is nifty, at times we all want to be able to make something fabulous without grabbing our pins and thread. I’m expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks, so I decided to whip up a warm and fuzzy no sew baby blanket for her, and I want to show you how I did it. Here we go!

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Sharp Fabric Scissors
  2. Flannel Fabric (2 Yards) – Make Sure to Get Two Designs

Step One: Wash and dry your fabric before getting started. Once your fabric is ready, you will want to find a large enough spot to be able to work. I chose to vacuum my floor very thoroughly, and then work there.

Lay one piece of your flannel fabric down on the floor FACE DOWN. That means the wrong side of the fabric will be facing you. Make sure there are no lumps and bumps and that the fabric is smooth. If you need to, go around the edges and trim any frays that you see.

Step Two: Take the other piece of fabric that you have, and lay it on top of the other. Make sure that this piece, however, is FACE UP, or wrong side down. What we are aiming for is a blanket that is presentable no matter which side is being used. So using the above image as a guide, check that the wrong sides of each fabric are pressed together.

Another thing to check for is that the pieces match up on each edge. Sometimes one edge is simply a little misshapen, so if you see any edges that need trimming, do this before starting the next step.

Step Three: Now the real fun begins! Starting in one corner, begin making snips with your fabric scissors. I like to make my snips about two inches long and one-half inch wide. Make sure that you are cutting through each layer of fabric. Then, simply tie these strips of fabric together! That is what will bind the two pieces and turn your two layers of fabric into one warm and fuzzy blanket. Do this all around the blanket, until you return to where you began.

It is seriously as simple as this!

This no sew baby blanket is a wonderful craft for mothers, or for individuals who want to make their baby shower gift rather than buy one. You can also choose to make these baby blankets as a sellable craft.

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