Patchwork Placemats Sewing Tutorial


In this article, I’m going to show you how to make patchwork placemats using pre-cut fabric squares. If you have scraps lying around, this project is a good way to use those up as well. The squares I’m using came in a package of 30 (3 squares to each color) at Joann Fabrics, for $7.99. One package will make 5 place mats. This is a very easy project, perfect for a beginner. So let’s get started on some patchwork placemats!

Things you’ll need:

1. Fabric squares or scraps (6 squares to a mat)
2. Sewing machine
3. Thread
4. Iron and board

Step One: Start by taking two of your squares and placing them on top of each other, right sides facing each other.

Patchwork Place Mats Step One 1 Patchwork Place Mats Step One 2

Take the squares to your sewing machine and sew straight down one side, using the edge of your foot as a guide. Don’t forget to back stitch!

Patchwork Place Mats Step One 3

Remove the squares from the machine, and press the seam allowance on the wrong side open.

Patchwork Place Mats Step One 4

Step Two:  Take a third square and pick a side that you want to attach it to. I’m attaching this pink square to the purple square to break up the colors a bit. Like step one, sew straight down one side and press open the seam allowance. You should now have three squares attached side by side. One-half of the placemat is complete!

Patchwork Place Mats Step Two 1 Patchwork Place Mats Step Two 2


Step Three: Take two squares, placing one on each end of the three squares already sewn together. This time you need to sew along the top, not at the side. If you sew at the side of the squares, you will end up with five squares side by side, which we don’t want!

Patchwork Place Mats Step Three 1

Once these squares are sewn on, place another square in the middle of the two you just attached. Sew it in place along the top. When you’re done, you should have three squares on top of the previous three, making a rectangle of six squares.

Patchwork Place Mats Step Three 2 Patchwork Place Mats Step Three 3

Step Four: As you can tell, the squares we just stitched on aren’t exactly attached to each other. Now we’re going to switch our stitches on the sewing machine to zigzag. Take the top left square and match it up with the middle square. Instead of sewing the pieces right sides together, you’re going to sew the squares with the right side of the middle piece facing the wrong side of the side piece. Once the pieces are evenly matched, zigzag stitch right down the middle, stopping before you sew into the bottom half of the place mat. Attach the top right square to the middle square the same way.

Patchwork Place Mats Step Four 1 Patchwork Place Mats Step Four 2 Patchwork Place Mats Step Four 3

Step Five: Turn over your placemat and iron any wrinkles there may be. Iron down seam allowances.

Patchwork Place Mats Step Five

And that’s all there is to it! Try making a set of these patchwork placemats to decorate your table, or give them to loved ones as gifts. Enjoy your new placemats!

Patchwork Place Mats End Result

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