DIY Gifts For Loved Ones – Candy in a Mason Jar


In need of DIY gifts for special people in your life? These candy mason jars with a cute message are both thoughtful and adorable!

Candy Jars 1

To make these jars (my roommate and I put our heads together and created 3 of them), we decided on three themes. For one jar, the theme centered around gummy bears. The second jar’s theme was for sour gummy worms, and the third and final mason jar was filled with Reese’s Pieces.

1. Gummy Bear Mason Jar

Candy Jars 2

For the gummy bears jar, I gathered a piece of scrapbooking paper featuring blue and white stripes. I also grabbed some really cute patterned tape.

Candy Jars 4

I chose to use the tape with polka dots for this jar. Very carefully, I fit the tape to the lid.

Candy Jars 7

I cut the tape once I had reached the other end, and let the ends gently overlap.

Candy Jars 11

To cover the lid, I set the lid down on my scrapbooking paper and traced it. I made it a little smaller to fit the lid snugly, and I cut this out.

Candy Jars 9

Then, using double-sided tape, I adhered the scrapbooking paper to the lid.

Candy Jars 8

And here we have our adorable message! For the gummy bears, on a sticky label, I wrote, “Being Without You Would Be… Unbearable!” Keep in mind, you can change your message to anything you like.

Candy Jars 10

After adding the label and gummy bears, we have our first finished jar! To fill the mason jar, I ended up using two bags of candy.

2. Sour Gummy Bears Bottle

Candy Jars 3

For the sour gummy worms, I decided to go with a nautical theme. The idea is to present the gummy worms as fish bait. I chose to use a bottle instead of a mason jar, as it made me think of a message in a bottle floating at sea.

Candy Jars 13

For this tag’s cute little message, I wrote, “I’m Hooked On You!” I drew a fishing hook as well as a fishie.

Candy Jars 17

On the back of the tag, I stuck on an anchor sticker. That way, no matter which side you’re looking at, you see something cute!

I put some patterned duct tape around the bottle. I chose a really adorable pattern, one with whales! After that, I slipped my sour gummy worms inside the bottle and covered it with a small piece of muslin. I secured the muslin with the tag.

Candy Jars 20

Sour gummy worms bottle complete! One bag of worms was enough to fill it. On to the third and final jar!

3. Reese’s Pieces Mason Jar

Candy Jars 6

This jar was handled mostly by my roommate. I have to give her the credit for the design. She chose a lovely piece of scrapbooking paper that gives the appearance of a burlap sack with brown polka dots.

Candy Jars 12

Like I did with the gummy bears jar lid, she traced the lid on the paper and cut this out. She also made it slightly smaller to fit snug on the lid.

Candy Jars 15

This was also secured with double-sided tape. Woo!

Candy Jars 14

I wrote the message on the label, which reads, “I Love You To… Pieces!”

Candy Jars 19

This was attached to a rectangle that my roommate cut out of the scrapbooking paper, and then this was tapes onto the mason jar.

I wasn’t able to catch a picture of my roommate adding tape to the jar lid, but it was done exactly like the lid of the gummy bears jar.

Candy Jars 18

And there it is! We used a big bag of Reese’s Pieces, and had plenty of candy left over, so use your own discretion when choosing an amount to buy.

These jars are perfect for a Valentine, or as a reward for a child who’s done well in school, etc. They add a personal touch, satisfy the sweet tooth, and are really fun to make!

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