Making Your Own Wardrobe – Easy Sewing Projects to Start With


If you know how to sew clothing, challenging yourself to whip up your own wardrobe can be extremely fun and rewarding. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take it easy on yourself from time to time, especially when you are just getting started. Last time we discussed this topic, we mentioned planning wardrobe essentials. In this post, we will talk about some easy sewing projects that you can dive into that will help you beef up your closet painlessly.

easy sewing projects - knit fabric

Choose Your Fabric Wisely

Everyone who sews has a different opinion about which fabrics are easier to work with. In my opinion and experience, knit fabric is waaaay easier. And when I say “knit” I mean all fabric that stretches and does not need a zipper. Any garment you make using this type of fabric will stretch over the body to be worn, versus constructed garments that bear darts, buttons, zippers, et cetera. Knit fabric is also more forgiving than non-stretchy fabrics if you make a mistake.

Many people are intimidated by knits, but don’t let that be you! Understand that fabric that stretches works differently than fabric that doesn’t but it’s not difficult at all to master. For tips and tricks on how to use knit fabrics, click here.

One weapon in your arsenal that makes stretchy fabric a breeze? A capable sewing machine that has a variety of stitches. I prefer to use a zigzag stitch or mock overlock stitch rather than a regular straight stitch when working with knits and the right sewing machine will make this easy as pie.

easy sewing projects - pencil skirt

Select Basic Shapes

The key to a killer wardrobe that you have created yourself is to choose basic shapes when it comes to the garment, and then use eye-catching fabrics that will give the garment personality. For example, if you know how to sew a pencil skirt made out of stretchy fabric, you can have a ton of pencil skirts in a variety of colors and designs that look fantastic. Don’t overthink the shape of your clothing. Keep that simple, and right for your body type, and you’ll look amazing no matter what you are wearing.

Speaking of pencil skirts, this is one of the easiest garments you can make for yourself. When you add up the time it takes to cut out your fabric pieces, pin, and sew, you’re looking at one hour of work, two tops. For the tutorial on how to make a stretchy pencil skirt, click here.

Other excellent projects that are very simple and make any wardrobe pop include leggings, skater dresses, sweaters, yoga pants, even cardigans if you’re feeling up to the challenge of buttons. Each of these is easy to make, take very little time and can get you started on a killer wardrobe that you can be proud to have whipped up yourself. If you know of any other easy sewing projects, please comment below!

easy sewing projects - sewing accessories

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