Mario Kandi Patterns To Try


Something that’s really popular among kandi creators is video game-themed kandi. What I recently did was design a bunch of panels, in differing sizes, featuring Nintendo’s Mario and other characters. Check them out!

1. Luigi and Boo

Luigi Ghost


Alternately, if you’d like to use Mario instead of Luigi, simply swap the red background for green and use red beads for his clothing.

2. Fire Flower and Ice Flower

Mario Flowers


3. Mario and Gumba

Mario Goomba


This one can be exchanged for Luigi if you wish. Use red for your background and green for his clothing, as opposed to what is presented here. That could make an excellent purse, Mario on one side, and Luigi on the other!

4. Mushrooms and Piranha Plant

Mario Mushroom Plant


The following patterns I designed to work together as a very large bag. I took inspiration from Super Mario Galaxy in particular. Here is one side of the purse:

Mario Galaxy Boo Bob-omb

And here is the other!

Mario Galaxy Stars

Now for this purse, I wanted a flap to close over and be secured with buttons. The flap would look like this:

Mario Galaxy Flap

I would end the flap underneath “Galaxy”, so it wouldn’t really be this large. However, this panel could be used the way it is to form one of the purse panels in lieu of one of the other two.

I was able to finish one side of the purse panel, and I really like how it turned out.

Kandi woo

It might not look as large as it is, but here is the panel compared to a magazine I had lying around:

kandi woo 2

What I like about using Mario and the characters from the series is that the kandi you create will be cute and colorful, and that’s always fun. Please feel free to use these patterns in your own kandi creations, and if you’d like to make your own patterns, click here.

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