Newborn Photography – Taking a Picture You’ll Treasure Forever


My little one is nearly two weeks old. Where has the time gone?! She’s already growing in leaps and bounds, and before she got too big, I decided I wanted to take a fabulous newborn picture of her that I can treasure for years to come. And in this post, I am going to show you how I dabbled in this bit of newborn photography so that you can try it yourself.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. A baby (hehe)
  2. A ruler or a yardstick
  3. A clock without a battery in it
  4. A weight of some sort (I used a scale that measures in ounces)
  5. A blanket or towel

newborn photography - Katie

Instead of going into steps like I usually do in tutorials, I’m going to just explain to you how I came up with this photograph. I wanted to do something really nice while my baby is little, and I figured that newborn photography that featured her size, birthday, weight, and time born would be really sweet and cute to have.

newborn photography - getting ready!

To get started, I grabbed one of her blankets. It has her name printed on one side, and it’s fluffy on the other (as is shown). To not take away from everything else that is happening in the photo, I decided to show the fluffy side.

Next, I got my little one ready for pictures by bathing her and placing her in this adorable little dress. I thought it would look more special than if she was in a casual onesie. Keep in mind that if you want your baby to enjoy her first photo session, she will need to be in a clean diaper and fed beforehand. You may even have better luck if she is asleep.

I laid out everything I would need in such a way that it would all fit well into the picture. As you can see, I placed a clock set to the time she was born, a scale, and a yardstick in the picture with her.

Little ballerina in the making!


Next, I started taking lots of pictures. It may take a few shots in order to get the perfect one, but it never hurts to have tons of adorable pictures that all look great.

Once I had all of the photographs I wanted, I transferred my files to the internet and began working on the finishing touches. First, I edited the final photo by changing the effect. Then, I went to a great website that you can use to add beautiful captions to your pictures.

Using this website, I was able to add my captions, including her birthday, weight, length, and time born.

That’s all there is to it! I recommend using a digital camera, or one where you will be able to print out great quality photographs that you can treasure forever. Babies don’t stay little for long, so try your hand at newborn photography and use your creativity to take some beautiful pictures.

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