No Sew Sweater to Cardigan!


no sew sweater to cardigan

Hello, everyone! Today I am turning a no sew sweater into a cardigan. Here’s the best part… no sewing machine? No problem! This is a project that does not require sewing at all! Here’s what I did:

no sew sweater to cardigan

First I took a sweater that I didn’t mind cutting up, and cut it right down the middle. In order to turn it into a cardigan, I needed an iron and some fabric tape.

Cardigan 2n    

Cardigan 3

I let my iron heat up on the Wool/Silk setting and went over to my sweater to begin preparing it. I trimmed each edge so that it would be straight and neat, and then measured and cut how much of the fabric tape I would need.

Cardigan 4

Lining up the fabric tape close to the edge of the fabric, I then folded the edges over to cover the tape between two layers of fabric. Then, I began to iron it down. I took my iron and placed it on each section and left it for 10 seconds. I didn’t slide the iron around on the fabric.

Cardigan 5


Once the fabric tape was bonded to the fabric on both sides, I flipped them back over and admired my pretty new edges!


1. Make sure your edges are even and straight, If you need to, after cutting your sweater down the middle, take a ruler and some fabric chalk and mark a straight line on each side and trim.

2. DO NOT LET THE FABRIC TAPE TOUCH YOUR IRON! I accidentally did this a few times. It’s a pain to scrape off of your iron. Keep the fabric tape a little bit away from the edge so that when you fold over your edge to iron it down, no tape is showing.

3. I wasn’t concerned about how my sweater looked on the inside, but if you want the edges to be looking pretty, consider trimming with pinking sheers.

4. The fabric of my sweater is pretty thick, so I had a longer time bonding the fabric and tape together. If you need extra help, keep a little bit of water nearby so that you can dip your fingers in and wet the spot where you are about to iron. It works like a charm!

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