Old Glow Sticks – Don’t Throw Them Away! Try This.


Glow Sticks

In this article, I want to share with you a fantastic idea for those old glow sticks you may have that have already lost their pizzazz, so-to-speak. Instead of throwing them away, you can use as a very important household accessory – shower curtain loops!

Shower curtain looks, or hooks, as they are sometimes called, can be as cheap as less than a dollar, or as expensive as over ten dollars for a pack. Generally, the more expensive the shower curtain loops, the more decorative and high quality they are. However, by using your old glow sticks, and forming them into a loop with the connectors that come with them, you can have some gorgeous colorful hangers for your shower curtain at a low, low price!

I got my pack of glow sticks at the Dollar Tree, which is lovely enough to sell their products for only a dollar. I wish I could remember how many glow sticks came in a pack, but I want to say it was about 8. So with that in mind, you would probably need to purchase two packs in order to hang a shower curtain.

You can either break the sticks, shake them up, and immediately use them as shower curtain loops for the coolest shower of your life, or you can use the glow sticks however you like before they lose their luminescence. Either way, these sticks still portray a sense of colorfulness that will add some serious personality to a bathroom.


Glow Sticks 2


I keep a liner on my curtain rod, as well as a regular shower curtain, so I decided to keep my normal shower curtain hooks on the liner and only use glow sticks on the shower curtain itself, at least until I can buy a few more packs. I really like the look these create!

If you want to give your shower curtain glow stick loops a little something extra, or if you have plain hooks/loops like the white ones shown above, another good idea you can use is to paint on some mod podge and then sprinkle on some glitter. Let this dry before you apply them to your shower curtain.

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