Why You Should Save These Items From the Grocery Store Rather Than Throw Them Away


Hello, everyone! In this article, we will discuss a very easy way to build upon your collection of craft supplies without even having to visit a supply shop like Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics. All you have to do is what you do every week Рshop for groceries! Why You Should Save These Items From The Grocery Store!


When you purchase certain items, like olives and pickles, these generally come in a quaint little glass jar. If you are not already doing so, wash and save these jars after use! A lot of people throw these jars out after they are empty, and this is such a costly mistake. You can use these glass jars for quite a bit of craft and projects, so definitely start a collection.

Glass jars are not the only items to be saving, however. Cans and wine/beer bottles are also worth keeping and using for something fun and crafty down the line. If you are going to be buying these items anyway, you may as well help them to serve two purposes for one price.



If your jar, can, or bottle comes with a sticky label, simply let them soak in water until the labels come right off.

One last item you should be holding on to is can sound a little silly, but we at SewMuchCraftiness swear by this supply. And that supply is the toilet paper roll. Believe it or not, saving your toilet paper roll once the paper is used up can open the door to a plethora of different exciting and easy crafts. So keep these close.

So we have discussed what you shouldn’t be throwing away. But what can you do with these items? Glass jars can be used as small terrariums, vases, containers for homemade beauty products, and so much more! For use with homemade hot cocoa, click here to read the tutorial.

For a list of projects that toilet paper rolls can be used in, click here.

Happy crafting everyone!


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