Spoonflower Organic Cotton Knit Ultra Fabric Review


Hi there! In this post, I wanted to take the time to review the fabric I recently purchased from Spoonflower, the Spoonflower organic cotton knit ultra fabric.

spoonflower organic cotton knit fabric

spoonflower organic cotton knit fabric

Here are two of the projects I have made using the fabric, a scarf, and some underwear. I haven’t touched the pink fabric with white polka dots yet, but that fabric is exactly the same as this, minus the print.

Firstly, this fabric is super super comfy! It’s really soft, and quickly became a favorite choice for making underwear. However, it doesn’t stretch very much. The site lists the organic cotton knit ultra as having a 25{acf852886d839e022dc9ad1f3bc7487ca04693687e7ac2dffa622691f1e38bb7} stretch along the crosswise grain. Personally, I had to cut my pieces a little bigger than I would with other stretch fabrics, but that’s a minor irritation.

The fabric is pretty tough. In the middle of making a pencil skirt, I tried it on and tested whether or not I would need to add lining to it, but this fabric is thick enough to not be able to see through it, which is awesome.

The one issue I had with the fabric I purchased is that the finished fabric print was much duller in comparison to the image you see on the web site. To be fair, they warn you that this might be the case.

Yo Ho! Stripe by peacoquettedesigns

spoonflower organic cotton knit

When you browse Spoonflower’s designs, a lot of people will add an image of the product they received and what they turned it into, so when shopping on the site that’s a pretty good indicator of what you’ll receive.

My final thoughts on this fabric are if you want a super comfy, tough fabric, and you don’t want too much stretch, this is a good pick. But I personally might wait a bit before purchasing the organic cotton knit ultra fabric because I wasn’t as happy with how my prints turned out, given I paid $27.00 per yard.

Have you tried the Spoonflower organic cotton knit ultra fabric yourself? Please let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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