Spring Gardening – How to Start an Indoor Garden


Here in the eastern part of the Appalachian mountains, we are finally starting to see a change in weather. The cold is (mostly) gone, and the spring season is in full swing! So naturally, that means it’s time to get some things a’growin! In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to start an indoor garden.

Starting an indoor garden.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. A few planter cans (I used old Similac formula cans after washing them out well, but coffee cans, etc. will do just fine)
  2. Old ice cube trays
  3. Soil
  4. Seeds
  5. A spade
  6. Sharp tool for punching holes
  7. Paper towels
  8. Spray bottle for water
  9. Sunlight
  10. Plate or plastic bag
Starting an indoor garden.

Watermelon seeds.

Step One: Germination

The first thing you will want to do is help your seeds germinate. Lay out a plate or even a plastic bag if you like, and place a plastic towel down. Then add your seeds and lay another paper towel on top. Use your spray bottle to gently moisten the seeds, but do not overdo this. You don’t want the seeds to be saturated. Keep them moist until it’s time to place them in soil.

One thing to keep in mind: your seeds can have sunlight, but if they receive too much you will need to place them in soil immediately at the first sign of germination. If the light touches the sprout for too long, you could ruin your plants.

How to start an indoor garden.

Ice cube trays make excellent mini-planters!

Step Two: Transplanting

Once your seeds are showing signs of germination, you want to get them into rich soil. And one item that serves as an amazing planter is an ice cube tray! If you have any spare ice cube trays grab them and make sure they are clean. Use a sharp tool and punch some holes in your ice cube tray. Then you can start filling each little space with soil.

Starting an indoor garden.

Don’t forget to label your planters so that you know what is growing in each.

A word about soil: You want to use black potting soil with a medium of perlite.

Take one or two seeds and place them in each little space in your ice cube trays, and for your planter cans use three seeds in each. Use your spray bottle to water your plants, and begin the wonderful journey of watching them grow before your eyes. You want to water them each day, preferably early rather than later.

Indoor garden tips for beginners.


Step Three: Growing Your Plants

Make sure that you are watering your plants the same time each day, giving them sunlight, and some TLC. Adding in some plant food is definitely a great idea as well. Once a week for plant food is all you need. And there you have it! Enjoy your indoor garden, and let it help you open more doors when it comes to growing.

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