Supply Shopping Trip – Month of August


August Trip 1

Hey there! This month, I admit it, I did bad. BAD! I usually keep to a budget of 100 dollars or so. But I got a little distracted this time, and before I knew it… well let me explain.

My first stop was Michaels. I spent a total of $36.86. Then I happily skipped over to Joann Fabrics, and picked out some really beautiful fabric. When I went to get it measured and cut, I gave a sideways glance to the prices, saw a number that resembled $99 and thought, woo! Not too bad! When I got to the register, I had the sad realization that only one of the three fabrics I picked out was $99. So the total I spent at Joann was $153.61. Womp womp… Next month I vow to do better! But for now, take a look at what I brought home:

August Trip 2

1. Isn’t this gorgeous? I browsed the performance fabrics aisle and saw this baby, and knew I wanted to take it home. I’d like to make some leggings and sports bras for exercising in, and thought this would make some awesome gear. I took home 4 yards of this fabric, and that’s what ended up being $99.96.

August Trip 3


2. Iron on lettering for some t-shirts! These babies I picked up from Michaels. The cost, from left to right, was $4.99, $5.49, and $4.99 respectively.

August Trip 4

3. More performance fabric! I love this fabric. I took home 2 yards of each, the silver fabric totaling $39.18, and the gold totaling $28.32.

August Trip 5

4. These tees were at Michaels, 2 for $6.00. They were in the same aisle as the iron on lettering, so I thought I’d pick up some basic tees to try the letters on.

August Trip 6

5. Lastly, I picked up these flower charms and a package of ribbon from Michaels. They were each $3.99.

So that was my shopping trip! The lesson I learned was, DON’T GET DISTRACTED! Pay attention to prices, and make good choices. Being crafty should be fun, not bank breaking! But regardless, I’m excited to get to work on some new projects, and that performance fabric was WORTH IT.

If anyone is interested in finding these items for themselves, here are the codes.

1. 400142851759

2. 16318262276, 16318171844, 16318171998

3. (Silver fabric) 400120508606, (Gold fabric) 400106656444

4. (White tee) 883096068440 (Gray tee) 883096064879

5. (Flower charms) 886946648205 (Ribbon) 886946646485

Updated: August 12, 2015 — 1:28 am
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