Supply Shopping Trip – Month of June (Part One)


Hello everyone! It’s a new month, and that means new supplies! I’m breaking the supply trip article into two parts, because I plan on buying some fabric online this month, and when it arrives, I want to be able to share what I bought with you! As for these supplies, I can’t wait to show you what I took home. These were all purchased at Michaels. Here goes!

1. Velcro

June Trip 1 June Trip 2

Usually when I go shopping for supplies, I look around the store and let the options give me inspiration. But when I purchased this velcro, I bought it with a use in mind for a project I’m working on. Each package of velcro cost $3.49.

2. Chains for Jewelry

June Trip 3

I’m a sucker for beautiful chains, and when I saw this chain (right after grabbing the velcro, which is positioned next to the jewelry supply aisle. The temptation!) I knew I had to buy it. This chain cost me a pretty penny, but I feel like it was worth it. It was $12.99.

June Trip 4 June Trip 8

While I was there, I decided to grab two more chains, this one with a lovely crystal detail for $7.99, and a chain with tiny leaves (it’s a little hard to see unfortunately in the photograph) for $5.99.

The first chain says it’s a bracelet, but given the many pieces that comes with this chain, I see myself taking them apart to create a continuous strand. The second chain is 9.5 inches, so I’ll definitely need to combine it with another chain, or use it as a bracelet. And finally, the chain with the leaves is 24 inches in length.

3. No Sew Fusible Tape

June Trip 11


I’ve posted a few sewing tutorials (and more are coming!) but I thought it might be nice to show a project or two that you can complete without needing to use your sewing machine. So I bought some stitch witchery tape. The package comes with 20 yards of tape for $3.29.

4. Lace and Chain Pendant

June Trip 10

I saw this pendant while I was browsing for chains, and I thought it was too lovely to pass up. It cost me $6.99.

5. Extra Jewelry Accessories

June Trip 5 June Trip 6

June Trip 7 June Trip 9

When making a bracelet recently, I realized I was missing some lobster claws and jump rings I would need to complete the project, so I made sure not to pass them up while I was shopping. The crimp/lobster claw packages were $2.99 each, and the jump rings package of 100 pieces $5.99. The remaining pack of accessories cost me $3.99.

So for this trip, I went a teeny tiny bit over budget (I usually walk into Michaels hoping to keep it to $50 or less, which rarely actually happens). But I’m happy to have some new toys to play with, and to be able to complete some more projects to show you.

Happy crafting everyone!

Updated: June 6, 2015 — 5:20 pm
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