Supply Shopping Trip – Month of May


Hello everyone! Starting this month, I decided I would share with you the supplies I pick up so that you have an idea of what different crafts and projects cost to make. This month I I stopped by Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics.

Here’s what I got from Michaels:

1. Kryon 12 Ounce Spray Paint in Watermelon and Banner Red

Shopping Trip 1


Most of the time when I walk into the craft store, I don’t have an idea of what I’m getting. I’ll usually browse the aisles and just grab stuff thinking, “I can use that!” And that’s what I thought when I picked up these two cans of spray paint. I got them for $6.99 each.

2. 11X14 Wooden Plaque

Shopping Trip 2


I grabbed this wooden plaque from the same aisle that I had found the tag-shaped wooden plaque to make the chalkboard. I won’t spoil what I intend to make with this one, but isn’t it pretty? I purchased this for $8.99.

3. Metal Connectors and Chains

Shopping Trip 3 Shopping Trip 8

Michaels was having a sale on 4 ShortCuts products for $10.00 so I jumped on that real fast. I bought 4 connectors, a tree, an elephant, a branch with a bird, and a wing, and then 4 packs of chains. The goal here is to make 4 bracelets, since I’ve been focused on necklaces for a while now. According to my receipt, each item was priced at $2.50, making every bracelet $5.00 to make. Not bad!

4. Anchor Charms and Accessories

Shopping Trip 5


I have been focused on making necklaces… but I refuse to stop now! MUA HA HA! So I found these adorable anchor charms, and knew I wanted to make some nautical themed necklaces. The pack of 2 charms was $2.50, the gold toggles were $2.99 each, the pack of small charms was $2.50, and the chain was $2.99.

5. Wooden Plaques

Shopping Trip 4


Aren’t these super cute? When I saw them I really had no idea what I could do with them, but I saw how cheap they were and figured I could figure something out. And I’m happy to say I have a project planned using these cute little things, but I won’t spoil it just now. They were just $.99 each.

Here’s what I picked up from JoAnn Fabrics:

1. Knit Fabrics, 2 Yards Each

Shopping Trip 7


Since I recently purchased a sewing machine that has all the things I need to dive head first into knit fabrics, I picked some up! I decided to make leggings, which is a super simple project (tutorial coming soon!) and figured grey and black would do nicely. The grey fabric was on sale for $5.99 per yard, and the black fabric was on sale for $7.79 per yard.

2. 1 Inch Non Roll Elastic

Shopping Trip 6


This elastic was regularly priced, but I used a 60{acf852886d839e022dc9ad1f3bc7487ca04693687e7ac2dffa622691f1e38bb7} off coupon from the web site to knock this down to $1.40, with just enough elastic to make the two pairs of leggings I had planned. Definitely go armed with coupons when you shop for your crafting and sewing supplies, as it really helps keep your cost down.

So that’s what I picked up for this month! I was able to keep my shopping trip under $100.00, which is always lovely. Let me know if you enjoyed this article and would like to see more monthly shopping trip articles in the future.

Happy crafting/sewing everyone!

Updated: May 7, 2015 — 6:22 pm
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