Supply Shopping Trip – Month of October


Hello everyone! It’s a new month, which means another payday, so it’s time to go shop! Woo! This month I was a woman on a mission, and I purchased items I had already planned on buying. Usually I walk into a store and get whatever strikes me at the moment, but this month I have a few projects planned! Check out what I picked up:

1. JoAnn Fabrics

Shopping 1

Shopping 2

Shopping 3

Shopping 4

Okay, so before I explain what I bought, I had in mind a few projects I have planned for this month. I want to make two cardigans for myself, one in a deep plum color, and one in black. So I bought some plum 100{acf852886d839e022dc9ad1f3bc7487ca04693687e7ac2dffa622691f1e38bb7} polyester thread to match the fabric of one of the cardigans, some plain black buttons, and elastic to serve as trim. I just happened to see these adorable sea-themed buttons while I was there, and had to scoop them up. My total price ended up being a little over $30, but I used a 25{acf852886d839e022dc9ad1f3bc7487ca04693687e7ac2dffa622691f1e38bb7} off coupon, which knocked my price down to $22. Don’t forget to bring your coupons when you buy supplies! You’d be amazed how much you can save yourself in the long run.




Here is the fabric I purchased for the cardigans. They were both purchased on, at $10.98 per yard. I purchased two yards each. These fabrics are medium weight, which will be perfect for the cooler months here where I live. They are each Stretch Bamboo Rayon Jersey. One is in black, and the other is plum. I’ve never ordered this fabric before, but it was rated 4 out of 5 stars, so I decided to go for it. is having a promotion where you can get free shipping on orders costing $35 or more, so I was able to splurge and get an extra half yard than I would actually need for these cardigans. The total price for these ended up being $46 after taxes.

3. Spoonflower

Pastel Goth Angel Cake Unicorns and Pizza Fabric

Pastel Goth Pink with Purple Bats Fabric

Spoonflower tends to be a teeeeeny bit expensive. And the last time I splurged on a bunch of fabric from them, I was a little disappointed by the way the prints turned out. So after designing some of my own prints, I requested test swatches of them. And they turned out really nice! So I ordered two yards of each of these designs. I ordered the top design in organic cotton knit, a fabric I’ve ordered before. The bottom fabric I ordered in performance pique. My total order ended up being $91.40, so I’m really hoping the prints end up being amazing when they arrive.

Now, a note about these prints. These are part of a set of designs that were inspired by pastel goth. Pastel goth is a combination of the dark and spooky imagery of the goth subculture, and beautiful and sweet pastel colors. I’m working on a collection of pastel goth clothing that will be for sale, and I’m proud to have designed these prints myself!

I’m really excited to receive these fabrics, and get to work on making cute cardigans for myself, and pastel goth clothing for you!

Happy crafting, everyone!


Updated: October 2, 2015 — 6:47 pm
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