The Best Colors For Autumn


Autumn! It’s my favorite season, hands down. There is something about the falling leaves, cool and crisp air, and pumpkin spice everything that really charms me about this season. Naturally, Autumn is a time when your creativity can really fly when it comes to making arts and crafts. So in this post, we’re going to talk about the best colors for Autumn crafts, clothing, or even home decorating.

best colors for Autumn

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Despite the drop in temperature that normally accompanies the beginning of Autumn, this season is full of warm colors. In fact, perhaps the most well known of these warm hues are orange, red, and yellow. Thankfully, there are many shades of each color that can be used for crafts, decoration, and clothing designs. Think mustard, soft yellow, gold, coral, candy apple red, brick red, rust,  marigold, et cetera.

The best colors for Autumn

Autumn is full of inspiration when it comes to color.

A great way to get inspiration when it comes to using warm colors this Autumn is to examine the trees around you. The changing leaves showcase the best warm colors there are.

CRAFT TIP: Gather up some leaves, and if you have any mason jars lying around, grab them. Otherwise, pick a few up from your local crafting store. Paint each mason jar with a coat of Mod Podge, and then stick the leaves onto the jar and let it dry. When each jar is complete, place a candle inside and light it. This charming DIY candle holder will really add charm to any room in your home!

The good thing about Autumn is that there are most colors that you can use other than warm ones. You can also incorporate a few cool colors. Two of my favorite colors for Autumn are blue and green. Shades of purple are also perfectly acceptable during this season.

best colors for Autumn

Autumn is also a time when cool colors can have their day to shine.

When it comes to using color the most effectively, it’s a good idea to pair a warm color with a cool one. This is where you will use complimentary colors. Green will look the best with red. Orange will look the best with blue. And yellow will look the best with purple. So if you are going to structure an Autumn bouquet, for example, why not combine shades of purple, orange, and yellow for the flowers, or wrap the stems of yellow flowers with a purple ribbon?

Neutral colors also work well for Autumn. Chocolate and other shades of dark brown are popular, but they are personally not my favorites. I like to use tan/vanilla instead. Another excellent neutral to use is navy blue, as is gray. One word on black and white: yes, these colors are neutral, and yes, they can be used when it comes to Autumn crafts/design. However, these colors work better for the winter season, and therefore, I would steer clear as much as possible. Use them as accents if you use them at all.

I know it’s still summer, but I am SO excited for the beginning of Autumn. Pumpkins, leaves, gingerbread, cool air, warm sweaters, hot chocolate, it’s the best season ever, I swear. This is a perfect time to make homemade soap in scents like pumpkin, apple cinnamon, and vanilla, and it’s also a great time to sew warm clothing and whip up home decor like wreaths and curtains. So have fun this Autumn, and stay tuned, because we are definitely going to be sharing some crafts that are perfect for the season, and you better believe we will be using the best colors for Autumn!

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