Understanding Color When Creating Your Crafts


Understanding color when creating your crafts is essential to making the best impact you can on others. In this article, we will discuss color and the emotions they evoke in order for your crafting projects to really pop in the way you want them to.


Red is a warm and passionate color. Because of this, red is a color that is often chosen for crafts and fashion design.

Red creates a physical response within individuals, as well as an emotional one. It can evoke a feeling of excitement and energy, sexiness, and intensity. It can also easily stimulate feelings of anger and aggression. Therefore, it’s important to use this color with caution.

If you are making something that you hope to make a bold and unforgettable statement, red is an excellent choice. There are some instances when you do not want to use red, however, such as when designing clothing for sleep. Make sure you examine the message you plan for your creation and be sure that red is the right choice.


If you are seeking to evoke a feeling of calm and serenity, you can’t go wrong with blue. Blue is a color that creates a feeling of trust within individuals who look at it, and it helps to put people at ease.

Since it is a masculine hue, using the color blue is a fantastic choice if you are making something for a man or a little boy.


One of the first colors we see in Spring is yellow. When we look at yellow, we automatically feel more uplifted, confident, and cheerful. If you are creating a painting, and you want a positive impact on others when they look at the piece, choosing yellow is a fantastic idea. In fact, by implementing a large amount of the color yellow into your workspace, you may find that you are more productive when engaging in arts and crafts.


Green is a color that is often associated with harmony, the environment, and health and wellness. It is the color of nature, growth, and tranquility. It is also the color of wealth, and stability.

With this knowledge, you can really make an impact with the crafts you make. Say you are creating a collection of accessories made from recycled materials. Using the color green in your crafts or your promotional materials can really set the tone for what your collection stands for.


One of the most regal and exotic colors out there, purple is a wonderful color for arts and crafts. Other adjectives related to this hue include mystery, spiritualism, and wealth.

If you are designing a line of clothing, purple will help to give your fashion sophistication and exotic beauty. For a fashion line that will really stand out, consider using purple in conjunction with other jewel tones, such as magenta, yellow topaz, and emerald.

In conclusion, understanding color when creating your crafts is essential to making the impact you want on others. Be aware of how each hue will draw out an individual’s emotional and physical response, and use this to truly make something amazing.

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